Crocodile tears for Osama Bin Laden?


The latest Republican outrage dejour is that Obama has the gall to point out the death of Osama bin Laden occured on his watch and not theirs:



In fact, Arianna Huffington has added her voice to this chorus by saying the Obama ad was "despicable".  I suppose we will never know, exactly, how Republicans would have reacted if one of their own had managed to kill bin Laden, but we do have a pretty good idea:


Update: Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post reminds us of how Bush politicized 9/11 in his own campaign ads.

“Sept. 11 changed the equation in our public policy,” White House spokesman Scott McClellan said at the time, defending the ads. “The president’s steady leadership is vital to how we wage war on terrorism.”

That’s, in essence, the [...]

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There, he said it! Republicans want less regulation except when it comes to women health decisions

I have been waiting for Obama to fight back, to put on those boxing gloves and hit back at all the crazy BS from the right. He never does or in such a subtle fashion that only intellectuals get it. And even today, he didn’t exactly speak to the crazies in the GOP. He should. He should equate GOP with the crazy rightwing Tea Party. Very few people like the Tea Party.

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that about half of all people say that the more they hear about the Tea Party the less they like it. And apart from the Catholic Church with their sex offenders and ancient laws preventing women from becoming priests or using contraception, who else in the US is interested in governing women's bodies and their vaginas? Why the bible people of course, aka, the [...]

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Obama and the Keystone Pipeline

For starters there’s no getting around the fact that our economy runs on oil and the more expensive it becomes then the weaker our economy becomes. 

Until one has sufficiently deployed alt energy infrastructure and tech it’s counterproductive to demonize oil.

Here’s what I think Obama should do.

Approve the pipeline. Mandate that both union and non union labor be used. Mandate that all materials for the pipeline be sourced from the US. Insert a variety of alt energy pilots into the bill for EV usage (local postal loop or other) and for building out a few utility scale solar/other alt energy perhaps in a Tennessee Valley Authority fashion or like the Hoover Dam was done via RFP.  Also add some smart grid RFPs to the mix as well.

How does this benefit Obama, the economy and moving forward on green energy?

Obama can [...]

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Arizona Immigration Battle: Obama Wins By Losing

Some insight into the political consequences of the Arizona SB 1070 fiasco, courtesy of a Stanford political science professor:

“The ideal outcome for Latino mobilization is for the United States to lose the case,” Stanford political science professor Gary Segura said at a recent Georgetown Law School forum. “Fear is a remarkable mobilizer. … The United States losing the case gets more Latinos to the polls than the U.S. winning the case.”

Many immigrant-rights advocates are no fans of the administration’s policies, which have led to record deportations. However, if SB 1070 and other similar laws take effect, they could produce a wave of alarm in Latino communities. Obama might reap some political benefit in that situation for having led the fight to knock the legislation out in the courts.

The Justice Department says political concerns didn’t enter into its decision to sue Arizona [...]

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Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Redux

There was this interesting item about the legal team defending Arizona's immigration law in today's Wall Street Journal:

Although the legal issues are unrelated, the politics surrounding the dispute track those of last month's arguments over Mr. Obama's health-care overhaul. Even key personnel are the same: Mr. Verrilli, the administration's top litigator, was squaring off Wednesday against Paul Clement, a Republican former solicitor general representing the state.

Of course Mr. Verrilli is the government's lawyer, but why would Arizona be using the same attorney that argued against The Affordable Care Act?  What, exactly, do the two cases have in common? The WSJ says the politics of the immigration dispute "track" the earlier case which, I suppose, is one way of putting it. Googling "Paul Clement" led to this in Wikipedia:


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ImzECL Update: Arizona Moves to “Toss-Up”

In the latest update to the Immizen Electoral College List (or ImzECL, pronounced “IM-zi-kuhl”), Arizona has moved from "Leaning Romney" to "Toss-Up".    This change is due to the new poll from Arizona State showing Obama and Romney statistically tied:

According to the poll of 488 registered voters, 42 percent said they would vote for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, while 40 percent said they would support President Barack Obama and 18 percent were undecided. Because the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percent, if the election were held today the contest for Arizona’s 11 electoral votes would be a “toss up.”

The poll found that the electorate is divided along party lines: 80 percent of Republicans said they would vote for Romney, 78 percent of Democrats for Obama. Although the sample of political independents is [...]

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8 Supreme Court justices to decide legality of the Arizona immigration law


Scott Olson / Getty Images

We usually have 9 justices in the Supreme Court, of which 4 are liberal leaning and 5 are conservatives, but one liberal justice, Elena Kagan, has recused herself for this particular case, apparently because she worked on the case in her previous job as Obama's solicitor general.

That makes it 3 liberals and 5 conservatives, which points to the fact that not only do I know my math, but that it is quite clear which side will win because the justices have been interpreting the law along party lines.

So, how much good has the law done Arizona? They have not been able to implement it, but there has been a large exodus of Hispanics who have fled to other states. Arizona officials say that the crime rate is down and the prison population [...]

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Would more women agents have prevented Secret Service Sexcapades?

In the news today again is the Cartagena scandal involving some secret service agents who partied and solicited prostitutes the day before President’s Obama arrival in Colombia. The agents had been assigned to prepare Obama’s visit to the Summit of the Americas.

If one of the agents had not been so cheap as to resist paying the prostitute what he owed her, this may have never become news.

What is interesting is in how many directions this news story goes.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, the senior Republican on the Homeland Security Committee, and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., both said that more female Secret Service agents might help guard against such incidents from happening again.

"I can't help but wonder if there had been more women as part of that detail, if this ever would have happened," Collins said on ABC's "This Week."

According [...]

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Wall Street Owns Both Parties

If one looks at the seemingly endless bubble to bust cycle of the past 30 years and the fact that no one of importance is in jail it’s pretty clear that Wall Street owns both sides.

LBOs in the 80s – not many went to jail. (Reagan/Bush Senior) Tech bubble late 90s – no one went to jail. (Clinton/Bush Jr.) Mortgage bubble – no one went to jail.  (Bush Jr./Obama)

Why?  Because Wall Street owns both sides and while they lobby to avoid restrictive legislation the securities fraud over the past 25 years has been outrageous.

Here’s a nice video of Elliot Spitzer discussing how Obama has done very little other than occasional rhetoric to address the issue.

Given his Bain background you can bet that Romney won’t do anything either, but what would Obama do if re-elected?

Probably not much.  What about that [...]

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Romney Denies Eating Anything “Unusual”

Yesterday, Mitt Romney denied eating anything "particularly unusual" to NRO (via Politico):

NRO: I saw your comment yesterday that the race is about jobs, not dogs, so I won’t ask about the endless dog debates. But in light of the president’s strange dietary selections in Indonesia, what is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

Romney: Ahhh . . . You know, I don’t recall eating anything particularly bizarre . . . 

NRO: I was going to guess when you were France, maybe escargot or something.

Romney: Yeah, but escargot and snails and oysters and mussels and so forth are unusual but not exceptional features in American restaurants. I don’t know if those qualify as particularly unusual. Certainly not something you eat every day, but I can’t think of anything particularly surprising that I’ve had the occasion to eat.



Not that [...]

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