Mega-donors: Quit picking on us

The Koch Brothers are a couple of crying wussies.  We knew it all along.  This from Politico:

All they wanted was to get involved. But to hear some of the biggest donors of 2012 tell it, their six- and seven-figure contributions have instead bought them nothing but grief. Their personal lives are fodder for news stories. President Barack Obama and his allies have singled out conservative mega-donors as greedy tax cheats, or worse. …

This is definitely not what they had in mind. In their view, cutting a million-dollar check to try to sway the presidential race should be just another way to do their part for democracy, not a fast-track to the front page.

Michigan Voters Not Sure If Trees Are The Right Height Or Not

The pollsters from the different political parties may claim their polls are objective, but neither side seems able to resist inserting a self-serving question or two (or three or four.)  The latest example is the new poll out by Public Policy Polling (D) which shows Obama in Michigan with net postive approval and a double-digit lead over Romney.  But they couldn't help themselves ask just a couple questions more:

Q7 Do you consider Mitt Romney to be a
Michigander, or not?

He is a Michigander …………………………………. 24%
He is not…………………………………………………. 65%
Not sure …………………………………………………. 11%

Q8 In Michigan, do you think the trees are the right
height, or not?

The trees are the right height…………………….. 38%
They are not……………………………………………. 8%
Not sure …………………………………………………. 55%

Update 2:54 p.m.:  Business Insider is also covering this breaking news and [...]

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Florida Voter Purge


I hate cheating and that’s what Republicans do every election cycle by purging voters they don’t like.

When it comes to preventing American citizens to exercise their right to vote, it is always the Republicans who have their hands in the jar. Why not the Democrats? Because the Republicans know that the less people vote, the better their chances at winning, especially if they can prevent Democratic voters from going to the polls. For Democrats it is the opposite, they need more voter turnout, especially among those that support the Democratic party, such as blacks and nowadays Latinos (and nowadays also women and LGTB members). That is why the voter purge always disproportionately target low income and minority citizens. And thanks to Bush and the Republicans trickle-down economics, the proportion of low income Americans is as large as it has ever been [...]

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Can you please “unlike” Walmart? Walmart has a record of exploiting their workers

Walmart dislike

My middle school daughter for some reason decided to Facebook “like” Walmart. I don’t remember why exactly and she is at the pool with her friends right now and I will not call her to ask why she “liked” Walmart. I am going to guess that she did it because some friend bought some hip China-made something at Walmart or because she saw a good friend “liking” Walmart and teenagers are often copycats.

The problem is she forgot to “unlike” them after I told her I thought that was kind of lame and after explaining the reputation of Walmart for exploiting their workers.  And now, I just saw my daughter’s cute face next to the Walmart logo and the thumbs up. Before I forget again, I sent her an email.

This is what I wrote:

Can you please unlike Walmart? Walmart owners are [...]

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So he smoked Marijuana. I recall a Republican president who did booze and cocaine…

We learn today that someone is writing a tell-all book about the president and in it the author is describing Obama’s use of drugs, especially marijuana during high school.

Although alcohol is legal and I do admit to enjoying a glass of red wine here and there, most people are aware that alcohol comes with many negative health consequences, yet it is a “legal substance”.

According to the CDC, alcohol can lead to the development of chronic diseases, neurological impairments and social problems. These include but are not limited to:

Neurological problems, including dementia, stroke and neuropathy; Cardiovascular problems, including myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation and hypertension; Psychiatric problems, including depression, anxiety, and suicide; Social problems, including unemployment, lost productivity, and family problems; Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, and breast; In general, the risk of cancer increases with increasing amounts of [...]

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Obama in Attack Mode and the Lame Copy Cat “Dine with the Donald”

I like what I hear. I have been hearing and reading about Obama fighting back against Romney’s invented truths and doing it eloquently, as always. The pundits call it a shift in strategy, but I think he started it a while ago, and is only warming up now.

At this event, held before an enthusiastic crowd of 2,500 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Obama reminded the crowd that Romney said “corporations are people,” while stumping in Iowa last August during the Republican primary. The president said there may be value in Romney’s experience in corporate buyouts, “but it’s not in the White House.”

Whether Obama focuses on Romney’s work at Bain Capital or his record as Massachusetts governor, in the end he is painting Romney as the out-of-touch corporate raider that he is.

Speaking directly to Iowans, Obama used local lingo to slam [...]

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Maryland: Romney vs. Obama

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Romney (R) Obama (D) Spread Public Policy Polling May 14-16, 19, 21, 2012 852 likely voters 35 58 Obama +23


Tennessee: Romney vs. Obama

Polling Data


Poll Date Sample Romney (R) Obama (D) Spread Middle Tn. State U.             10/16 – 10/21 609 LV 59 34 Romney +25 Tennessean/Vanderbilt 5/2 – 5/9 1,002 Tennessee residents 42 41 Romney +1 Middle Tn. State U. 2/13 – 2/25 416 LV 43 39 Romney +4 Tennessean/Vanderbilt 2/16 – 2/22 1508 RV 42 39 Romney +3

According to Monsanto, we don’t have the right to know what we eat


I heard on NPR today that organic produce farmers in Vermont and Connecticut were asking the legislature to pass a law that would require labeling of genetically modified food.

Who would not want to know if we are eating tomatoes grown from genetically modified seeds from Monsanto or regular organic tomatoes grown by local farmers, perhaps not as red, big and long lasting but much juicier and tastier? Who would not like that information and be free to chose which food we prefer to buy and eat.

In fact, several polls have found that a large majority, in fact as many as 95% of the people surveyed support the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Since 1997, the European Community has made labeling of genetically modified food mandatory for products that consist of genetically modified organisms even if there is still DNA [...]

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Is Tennessee in play for Obama?

May 21, 2012.  The Daily Kos did a quick analysis on this possibility back in February and it now seems still to be just as likely. (If not actually probable.)  The latest poll from Vanderbilt has Romney only up by one percentage point, 42-41:

The poll of 1,002 Tennessee residents who are 18 and older found 42 percent would vote for Romney and 41 percent for Obama if the election were held now. The survey, conducted May 2-9 by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for Vanderbilt, had a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

The only problem for Democrats is that not all these people surveyed are registered to vote.  Among registered voters, Romney's lead increases from 47 to 40.  Still,  this poll gives reason to believe that a grass roots effort at voter registration in Tennessee might not be a bad [...]

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