Canada is outperforming the U.S. but NOT because of tax cuts as Forbes article claims

A July 24th Forbes article that a Canadian friend just sent me, makes a very funny claim: that President Obama doesn't want Americans to know that Canada is outperforming the U.S. on every economic front by implementing policies that US Republicans say they’d like to implement. This is based on an interview with Tony Clement, Canada’s President of the Treasury Board and a Member of Parliament with the Conservative Party of Canada.

So, what does Tony Clement say about Canada’s economic growth and low debt? That it comes as a result of the genius idea of the Conservative Party of Canada to reduce its federal corporate tax rate from 22% in 2006 to 15% in January 2012 and to cut spending.

 It goes to show that conservatives in the US and elsewhere all say the same bunch of baloney nonsense.

The article offers this [...]

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First time ever: Brunei, Qatar and Saudi women at the Olympics

Saudi women at the Olympics

I heard about this on NPR a while ago, but today is probably the best day to write about this, celebrate the little step forward in human rights and accompany it with the pictures of the two Saudi women who got the honor to walk at the Olympic opening ceremony representing their country.

The countries of Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are sending female athletes to the Olympics, something they have never done before.

According to NPR, and I had to double check, because in this day and age it is difficult to believe, Saudi Arabia does not allow women and school girls to participate in sports. Women and girls are effectively banned from practicing sports inside the Kingdom because conservative clerics disapprove of it.

I am not going to discuss the backwardness, hypocrisy and systemic gender discrimination that is evident [...]

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Chick-fil-A’s Head of Public Relations Dies

This just in from the Wall Street Journal:

The head of Chick-fil-A's public-relations division died Friday, a person familiar with the situation said.

The Atlanta-based fast-food chain has been the focus of a public backlash since its president and chief operating officer, Dan Cathy, said last week that he didn't support same-sex marriage. Activists have protested at Chick-fil-A restaurants, and local officials in Chicago and Boston have publicly said they don't want the company to open new outlets in their cities.

Donald Perry, Chick-fil-A's vice president of corporate public relations, died of a heart attack Friday morning, according to television-news station WRBL News 3 in Columbus, Ga., which cited Mr. Cathy for the information. A person familiar with the situation confirmed that Mr. Perry had died, but spoke on the condition of anonymity pending an official statement from the company.

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Romney: No Olympics Questions Please

Unlike our sports guy Commander In Chief, Mitt Romney wouldn't watch SportsCenter if ESPN was the only channel on cable.  In fact, Romney claims to know nothing about the Olympic sport in which his wife is competing:

Understandably, Romney was wary about discussing dressage when NBC’s Brian Williams asked him in London on Wednesday about his equine Olympian. “You actually have a horse in the race. What’s that gonna be like?”

“Well,” Romney replied. “It’s — a big — exciting experience for my wife and — and for the person that she’s worked with, the trainer of the horse who’s riding the horse. And — obviously, it’s fun to be part of the Olympics in any way you can be part of them.”

Williams followed up: “When is the event, and for those of us who don’t follow the sport, what happens? [...]

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Romney: No Really, I’m British

And Ann is from Wales!

Continuing his habit of shameless, and often comically tone-deaf, pandering (remember "Ya'll", "Who let the dogs out", etc.) , Mitt Romney has gone the extra step now of saying that he is really British and Ann Romney is Welsh:

“Well, I’m married to a girl from Wales, and I’m a guy from Great Britain. So I feel like this is home too, I guess.”

Obamacare rebate checks coming to Florida: Republicans say what?

Today I got two insurance letters in the mail. One from my daughter’s Cigna insurance reporting that, because the insurance company spent 74.7% of premium Dollars on health care, which is below the 80% requirement, it will be issuing a rebate of 5.3% of the health care premium. The other letter is from United Healthcare and has similar content but does not specify the amount yet, and anyways, that rebate check goes to the small business that employs me and pays 100% of my health insurance.

What does this mean? It means that people like me, who currently have private insurance, will experience a measurable monetary benefit thanks to the new health care reform law. It also means that owners of small business who care to insure their employees will also have a reason to be more appreciative of the new law.

According to the [...]

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The U.K. on Romney: What a Plonker

Romney's attempt to pander to Anglo-Saxon sensibilities is going down in a way that may make it one of the greatest campaign fails in memory.  As recently as just a couple days ago, Romney's foreign trip was billed as a chance for him to increase his stature as a candidate.  Now he is in full damage control mode and the only goal is to keep his myriad gaffes from completely sinking his candidacy. 

"Romney you Plonker!"

Here are some of the comments made by readers of London's Guardian newspaper.  Enjoy.


      26 July 2012 7:26PM

      His android brain chip is malfunctioning again.

      26 July 2012 7:28PM

      Wow! He actually said disconcerting?

      That's … disconcerting. Oh no. Now I've said it.

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2012 Presidential Race: No Movement In Electoral College

For the first time in almost a month, we have made a change in the Immizen Electoral College List (ImzECL):

Wisconsin – Toss-up >> Leans Obama

Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio have edged from "Leans Obama" to "Toss-Up" and back again several times, but the Wisconsin swing to Obama is the first change recently.  The last one was on June 27 when Arizona went from "Toss-Up" back to "Leans Romney".  Other than that, not a lot of movement in the state races.  Kind of boring, really. 

Having said that, the new PPP poll in Michigan gives Obama a huge 55-39 lead, but this is not quite enough to nudge the Michigan RCP average over 5%.  Oh, and the Florida SurveyUSA poll putting Obama up 48-43 is probably worth mentioning.

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Gun Control: The Dark Knight Massacre

Bible hugging gun toters

I had given up discussing the gun control issue in this country. I figured they had won the argument: The bible-hugging, gun-toting, pro-war conservatives in this country had won the debate about gun control by citing the Second Amendment and boasting of their false patriotism. When I heard about the deadly rampage inside a Colorado theater, my first thought centered on the tragedy and horror of the innocent victims, and then, my next thought was "gun control". But I adopted the conservative point of view and just shrugged it off with the argument that strict gun control laws did not prevent the massacre in Norway and if a crazy guy seems sane nothing can be done to prevent him from acquiring these guns.

Well, I was wrong. I read today that McCain used those same arguments today. Why let the other side win the [...]

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Breaking News: Romney Involved In Organized Crime In 2009

Ok I have to admit, this one is even more thinly sourced than usual, but I am still going with it because it just makes too much sense not to be true.  The basic idea is that there is no way that Mitt Romney can release his earlier tax returns because if he did, they would reveal that he was involved in a vast Mormon crime ring that makes sex dolls using slave labor:

The clan, known privately as the Order, runs what prosecutors believe is one of the largest organized-crime operations in Utah, overseeing its far-flung empire from a string of secret locations and backrooms. On the surface, the operation is legit: From Salt Lake, the Order controls some 100 businesses spread out over the Western states, from a casino in California to a cattle ranch in Nevada to a factory that makes [...]

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