The U.K. on Romney: What a Plonker

Romney's attempt to pander to Anglo-Saxon sensibilities is going down in a way that may make it one of the greatest campaign fails in memory.  As recently as just a couple days ago, Romney's foreign trip was billed as a chance for him to increase his stature as a candidate.  Now he is in full damage control mode and the only goal is to keep his myriad gaffes from completely sinking his candidacy. 

Romney you Plonker

"Romney you Plonker!"

Here are some of the comments made by readers of London's Guardian newspaper.  Enjoy.


      26 July 2012 7:26PM

      His android brain chip is malfunctioning again.

      26 July 2012 7:28PM

      Wow! He actually said disconcerting?

      That's … disconcerting. Oh no. Now I've said it.

      26 July 2012 7:29PM

      What a plonker.


      26 July 2012 7:34PM
      Response to PingYon, 26 July 2012 7:26PM

      Also, he shouldn't have let Bain Capital outsource the people who make his brain chips.

      26 July 2012 7:38PM

      typical republican prat
      iam sure americans will vote for him in their millions

      26 July 2012 7:42PM
      Response to pirata698, 26 July 2012 7:38PM

      Considering the population in the US, I think it's fair to say that he will get millions of votes.

      26 July 2012 7:44PM

      A perfect illustration of how, even though he has vast resources of some very wealthy people behind him, he' s still trailing in the polls.

      26 July 2012 7:44PM

      Even dedicated Republicans are shaking their heads in both dimay and amusement over this disgraceful faux pas!! It gives new meaning to misplaced arrogance and proves once again that money and dignity don't necessarily equate. Do we reeeeeally see him as a well-appointed representative of America? Seriously???????


26 July 2012 7:32PM

The man is obscene.

On behalf of all decent Americans, I apologize to the rest of the planet he's even in the running for the presidency.     



26 July 2012 7:50PM

           No offence mate but running the Summer Olympics is in a completely different ball park to running the Winter Olympics


      26 July 2012 7:53PM

      Congratulations, Mitt. You just set a new world record. Too bad the "flip-flop" isn't being contested in these games.


      26 July 2012 7:53PM

      So you Brits have met the Mittastrophe. I'm sorry about his bad manners, but you need not let him upset you; he is destined to be but a footnote in history.

      26 July 2012 7:55PM
      Response to Amy Smith, 26 July 2012 7:45PM


      what is the difference between america and a yogurt?


      leave a yogurt for 200 years and it will develop a culture
      i think we where quite right to tax tea
      did not do to well against the vietcong tho did you?


      26 July 2012 7:57PM
      Response to 999Jasper, 26 July 2012 7:32PM

      I second the motion. I wish I could say this would derail his candidacy but I fear it won't. An astonishing lack of judgment, taste and respect for people from other countries doesn't seem to disqualify you.

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