Friday Riddles, Please Add Your Own

Riddle me this, riddle me that? Andrea Mitchell let T-Paw get away easily, what's up with that?

The day following Tim Pawlenty's speech at the RNC, Andrea Mitchell had him on her show. She asked Tim "is it fair to Blame President Obama for GM's closing?" Tim went off on a talking point tangent, totally dodging the question. Why didn't she ask again? And why did she even phrase the question in that manner? It wasn't only unfair, it was false. GM closed under George W. Bush's watch. Come on lame stream media, do your job!

Riddle me this, riddle me that? Life begins at conception so does a woman carry two votes under her hat?

Ryan, who accepts that Romney would set policy (unless, of course Romney nervously smiled himself to death and then America would be stuck with Ryan) but the GOP is [...]

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Mitt’s 12 Million Jobs Will Unsurprisingly Not Be Mitt’s Doing

Mr. Magic Underpants likes taking credit for things he didn't do, like the auto bailout. Now he's taking credit for the job numbers that will be created regardless of which brand of government wins in the White House this November. Moody's Analytics predicts 12 million jobs will be created by 2016, the same number Mitt's promising. Unbelievable! 

He also promises to "help you and your family." 

Holy underpants Batman! This must mean he's going to start paying his fair share of taxes on those $250 million! THANK YOU JESUS!

Another Obama hug from Charlie Crist

Is it really that bad to give a friendly hug to a president? A black president? A black president from the Democratic party? Yes, it is, if you are a Republican politician.

It is the hug of death. And it happened to former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. As the Miami Herald reports:

Republicans have viewed Mr. Crist as a turncoat opportunist ever since he and the president hugged during an event to unveil stimulus funding that saved hundreds of thousands of jobs in Florida for police, teachers, firefighters and other public employees at the worst point in the recession.

And of course it cost Charlie Crist the election when he run for a seat in the senate and lost to Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio. And in Florida, instead of a moderate, common sense Republican governor like him (they are all in extinction), we [...]

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Mitt Romney The Birther


Mitt Romney has stated that no one has asked to see his birth certificate. But if they did, I'm sure he would show it. Now how about his taxes?

Of course his campaign says the comment was not meant to declare that he is also a birther. It was only to state that he was born in the U.S.A. Sure it was. This guy will say anything to get elected. Promising Free Pizza Fridays always worked to elect the Student Body President at my high school, maybe Romney can work out a deal with Chick-Fil-A for Free Godly Chicken Sandwich Wednesdays and win the elections.

Rep. Todd Akin, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It turns out an actual doctor did misinform Rep. Todd Akin about the female reproductive system. Dr. Jack Willke began championing his scientifically baseless idea that women have an at-will shut down system that resists pregnancy in the instance of rape back in 1980. He has since been hailed as the “Father of Pro-life Movement.” And no matter how much Romney tries to rebuke Rep. Akin’s remarks in an effort to distance himself from Akin, his go-go-gadget arms won’t distance him from Jack Willke’s ideas.

Republican Primaries 2007

Romney received Dr. Willke’s endorsement during the 2007 Republican Primaries. And since we know that Mitt Romney stands by whatever he said even when he doesn’t remember what he said, then we know we can connect the dots between him and the loony doctor.

“I am proud to have the support of a man [Dr. Jack Willke] who has meant [...]

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Isaac is coming to the GOP convention

Isaac, an uninvited guest at the GOP convention

But who is sending Isaac?

That rhetorical question is aimed at Republicans and Tea Partiers, aka, the God fearing religious conservatives.

The rest of us know that hurricanes develop when the atmospheric conditions are favorable, such as around a weak disturbance in the atmosphere when water evaporated from the ocean is released as the saturated air rises, resulting in condensation of water vapor contained in the moist air.

We know it because we look up the FACTS and we reason…

But if we put ourselves in the mindset of GOP voters, the church going, conservative Christians, (note that these are very different from the GOP sponsors – the exploitative greedy corporatists), then we might think that God does not like the GOP too much, or why would he be sending Isaac on the week of the Republican convention in Tampa?

Maybe he is [...]

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Romney: Akin Should Withdraw Because Rush Limbaugh Says So

In a last ditch attempt to get Todd Akin to quit the race, Romney specifically calls for him to drop out:

"As I said yesterday, Todd Akin's comments were offensive and wrong and he should very seriously consider what course would be in the best interest of our country," Romney said in a statement. "Today, his fellow Missourians urged him to step aside, and I think he should accept their counsel and exit the Senate race," Romney said.

But, befitting his wimpy character, he phrases his call as merely echoing the demands of "fellow Missourians":

Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday that Rep. Todd Akin’s comments on rape and pregnancy were “stupid” and suggested the Missouri Republican could help in “saving this country” by ending his race for Senate.

(Note: Rush Limbaugh's home station is KZIM-AM, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.)


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Todd Akin: F*ck All Of You!

8/21/2012 3:41 p.m. EDT

With two hours and 19 minutes to go before the deadline for the Missouri Republican party to replace him without a court order, Rep. Todd Akin maintains his defiance:

"I said one word in one sentence on one day, and everything changed," Akin said today. "I believe the defense of the unborn and a deep respect for life. … They are not things to run away from."

"I hadn't done anything morally or ethically wrong, as sometimes people in politics do," Akin said. "We do a lot of talking, and to get a word in the wrong place, still, that's not a good thing to do, or to hurt anybody that way, it does seem like a little bit of an overreaction."

This is in spite of numerous threats from Mitt Romney, the Republican National Committee, Karl Rove and [...]

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Todd Akin Will Quit The Race

See Updates Below

It's a done deal. Todd Akin is toast. He will withdraw from the Missouri Senate race either today or Tuesday.  The rationale is spelled out in this Politico blog post:

There is a whirlwind of speculation about whether Akin will or should withdraw from the race, especially considering how crucial the Senate seat would be to a potential Republican takeover of the Senate.

It is a matter of some urgency: according to Missouri state law, Akin can withdraw up until the 11th Tuesday before the general election, which is tomorrow.

Republican Senator Scott Brown, in a tough reelection race in Massachusetts, has already called on Akin to resign:

"As a husband and father of two young women, I found Todd Akin's comments about women and rape outrageous, inappropriate and wrong," Brown wrote in a statement released by his [...]

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Siri Is Smarter Than Rep. Todd Akin

Rep. Todd Akin was probably finishing his victory lap after winning the Missouri primary to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and high on endorphins when he made the following statement to voice his stance on abortion in cases of rape:

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. Let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.”

His statement is sad in so many ways…even the right-leaning Washington Post is reporting the story…I'm saddened and like most times when a Republican speaks, I'm left with questions.

Which doctors? Please tell me because if any of them are in [...]

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