Paul Ryan’s pick has energized both sides: two examples

This morning I found in my inbox both at home and at work an email with the title "Mitt Romney for President". I don't subscribe to any Republican sites or message services, so I was surprised. The email was sent at the request of the only Tea Party person I know, let's call her TP.

Your friend, TP, has invited you to be a part of Mitt Romney's 2012 online community.

This effort is not about more rhetoric, it's not about a person, or politicians giving speeches — it is about the cause of restoring American greatness.

TP has committed to this, will you? Take the first step by becoming a member of the team!

While it may not have been the first time she sent me something political, I cannot remember the last time she did. She knows I am a die-hard Democrat. I guess she could not contain her excitement about a VP candidate with the ugly and bad vision, as my fellow blogger Tom put it, of shrinking Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and any other social program as long as she can keep her tax dollars in her pocket.

Since I know her personally, I know that in addition to being very Christian, what makes her so fanatic about the Republican agenda is her wishful thinking that by keeping a few more tax Dollars, her life will be so much better.

Well, it did not happen during the Bush years. I was there. It did not happen to her nor to the other 99%.

And she is the typical Republican who will send her kid to public school, expect the police to survey the area where her small afterschool care facility is located. But will always advocate paying less taxes. She will gladly ask the government for grant money for her struggling school but does not want to pay taxes to have the government help other people in need.

So, of course she got excited with Paul Ryan’s pick. Never mind that Romney is a Mormon. Now Christian Tea Partiers can bypass Romney as a reason to vote for the GOP.

On the positive side, I was also quite surprised to see one of my moderate friends post an Anti-Ryan comment on her Facebook wall. Only recently, she told me she does not want to get involved in politics because politics is “dirty” (and I agree it is, but if we don‘t get involved, our side loses!). It seems the Ryan pick changed her mind and achieved something that Obama himself could not have achieved.

Thank you Romney!

For every Teabagger who gets energized, one or more moderates will get energized. And you know… it’s the moderates that decide elections!

See below the aforementioned Facebook exchange that is joined by a Repubster:

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