The 84-year-old Obama Speechwriter

An 84-year-old man dictated to his son the speech that he says Obama should give. The speech starts about 12 years back in history when

President George W. Bush, took office essentially by appointment, despite having lost both the popular and the electoral vote, as we now know.  He inherited a balanced budget, a $200 billion surplus, unemployment below 6% and no ongoing wars.  We had recently stopped a war in Bosnia without loss of a single American life.

Obama should repeat these historic facts because:

Well, my fellow Americans, so much for history.  I’m repeating these facts because, as a wise man once said, those who don’t know history may be doomed to repeat it.

The speech Obama should give is quite long, but very similar to the speech I would write for him. It would mention the efforts by Republicans to block any legislation that would have helped the economy and the country in order not to give a victory to Obama. It also has Obama apologizing for not having been more progressive in pushing for a larger stimulus and for not adding the public option to the Health Care Act. The speech should end with these important and true statements and facts:

Today our great corporations are holding onto over $2 trillion that could be used for hiring.  They claim the demand for their products isn’t there but it’s a simple fact that when you put people to work as President Eisenhower did, then we’ll not only pay taxes but also buy products, creating demand.

Unfortunately, this isn’t happening because those corporations are engaged with their Republican benefactors in a campaign to force me out of office no matter what the cost to the country and regardless of the human misery they bring about.  Remember this—those people don’t suffer—you do.  The Romneys, the Bushes, the shadowy Koch brothers, the Adelsons:  they do not suffer.  Neither do the health insurance CEOs making millions denying health care claims and constantly raising rates.  They don’t suffer!  Nor do corporations making the largest profits in history and often paying no taxes at all.  No, they don’t suffer.  And they don’t care who does.  They seek to eliminate the regulations that I installed to stop them from plundering the public.

To do so they have to make me a one-term president no matter who they hurt in the process.  As I said, I’m not perfect but I do care about your families and my family, too.  We’re all in the same boat and it may even sink, if we let the people who created these problems get back in power so they can repeat history.  As Mr. Romney admits, I did not create these problems.  But he and his cronies did, and they have also blocked every positive thing I’ve tried to do that might bring us back to economic health.  So I beg you, stay with me. Show these people that you do understand history and you’re not about to repeat it!

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