Mitt Romney’s Crocodile Tears

Greg Sargent has really been hitting his stride these days as the Romney ship goes stern-side up.  Here is his news item on the Obama campaign's response to charges of "mischaracterizing" Romney's record:

* Dems hit Romney in advance of debate: The Obama camp is out with a new Web video responding to Romney’s claim that he expects Obama to misrepresent his positions at the debates. The video recaps the alleged falsehoods Romney laments, and demonstrates that they are, well, true. David Axelrod has a memo noting that Romney will hit Obama hard over the economy, but that voters will judge the debates based on whose agenda for the middle class was more compelling.

It’s in the Obama camp’s interests for the media to score this debate based on that latter metric, since it’s in the process of reframing this race as a choice between two visions for the country’s future.

Here is the video to save you a click:

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