What More Do We Want This Man To Do For Us?

I think I have to start watching David Letterman again.


Letterman: … The day after the 9/11 attacks, the number one priority in America if not the world was 'we gotta get bin Laden, we gotta get bin Laden.'

Williams: Yeah.

Letterman: So eight years go by. We still haven't gotten bin Laden. George W. Bush says at one point well he doesn't really think too much about bin Laden. In the interim, we invaded Afghanistan and then we invaded Iraq because Cheney wanted to help out his buddies at Brown & Root and Halliburton.

Williams: You're getting a little sideways here.

Letterman: Yeah. (Audience laughter) Okay and grab up all the oil.

Williams: Yeah.

Letterman: I think that they went soft on the project because they were worried about worrying their Saudi Arabian royalty buddies there.

Williams: Easy there. (Audience laughter)

Letterman: So now Osama bin Laden is finally gunned down by Barack Obama displaying great courage and great intelligence. What more do you want to lead your country than that kind of courage and that kind of intelligence? (Audience applause.)

(Transcript courtesy of FiredUpinCA at Daily Kos)

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  • BC

    Well for starters – jobs would be nice.
    Out current economic woes can be traced back to the oil crises and resulting stagflation of the 70s.
    This led Reagan to increase debt too much.  Given such tight times for so long economically the markets went nuts and we got our first bubble of this time – LBOs, junk bonds, stock market.
    Then the bubbles got worse every decade and Clinton owns the tech/mortgage bubbles (Bush owns mortgages as well).
    Then Bush owns $2.5-3 trillion in war costs and as you mention Iraq was unnecessary and I think you're right it was pork to contractors.
    None of what Bush did though excuses Obama's mistakes.
    He blew a lot of political capital on HC when he should have used that capital to get jobs going.  Like Bush and all presidents/Congresses  in recent memory he did nothing to rein in Wall Street.
    Instead of stimulus he gave states a handout that kept status quo, but did not stimulate and 3 years later we have another few hundred billion in debt and the state layoffs are happening anyway.
    It' great that we're moving forward on HC, but still needs a lot of work – so I do give him credit for at least getting it going, but how he looks on this long term depends on making it work.
    Libya was another war just like Iraq that benefits oil/contractors and it's far from resolved.
    Obama is far too much of an ideologue and doesn't think things through.  He doesn't understand the private sector.  Namely, he randomly comes up with new ideas and taxes without considering what the end result will be.
    This stifles rehiring and investment.
    I can mention other things as well, but it's the economy plain and simple. 

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