Would a Romney/Ryan administration etch-a-sketch ERASE what Obama accomplished?

You bet!

No matter how much flip-flopper Romney may try to convince everyone that he is a moderate now, he will do what Republicans always do; he will govern by focusing on getting reelected, by satisfying the demands of those who put money into his campaign: Big Oil, financial Institutions, corporations, wealthy donors like the Koch brothers, and those who vote for him: the Tea Party.

Another Republican president means that the middle class will wither once again, the rich will get richer and the poor poorer, and the 1% will become the 0.5% and the US no better than a developing country.

That is because, a Romney/Ryan ticket would keep the Bush tax cuts in place, including tax loopholes and subsides for the rich, and of course, cuts in “entitlement” programs for everybody else.

A Republican president will allow powerful corporations and institutions to “self-regulate” because corporations should be free and regulations are job killing measures.

A Republican president will actively promote the growth of the oil, mining and chemicals industry with no efforts to grow green jobs and no efforts to protect the environment.

A Republican president will attempt to pass an immigration bill that is similar to the legal parts of the Arizona immigration bill. There will be no Dream Act.

Having a Republican president means that the politics of religion will intrude into the life of American citizens in a sordid manner as happened in the Terri Schiavo case.

Nowhere else will religion interfere as much as with women’s reproductive rights, with a president Romney appointing right-winger supreme justices who may consider overturning Roe vs Wade

A Republican president will have little interest in promoting women’s rights at the workplace such as equal pay rights.

A Republican president will continue with unnecessary and excessive military spending and will start a war in order to get reelected; because Republicans believe this strategy works (just listen to Donald Trump)

A Republican president will repeal Obamacare simply because it is what the Tea Party and Koch brothers demand, not because it is bad for the people of the US, because it isn’t, not because it raises healthcare costs, because it actually lowers them, but simply to make the crazy in the GOP happy.

A Republican president will lower America’s standing in the world because of the Republican arrogant
attitude that Americans are better than anyone else and don’t have to consider the opinion of other leaders and allies.   

A Republican president could trigger a setback in the efforts to improve gay rights and legalize gay marriage by resurrecting the old anti-gay rhetoric and appointing anti-gay judges and promoting ballot initiatives in order to get more right-wing conservative to vote at the polls. (You can thank Obama if this strategy is no longer successful)

A Republican president will once again try to privatize social security in order to help his big donors in Wall Street. And a voucher program for Medicare is definitely a possibility when it comes to a Romney/Ryan ticket.

What else may a Republican president do? What did I forget? I don’t even want to think about it.

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