My friend and I went to a bar and kinda picked up a cute guy (he gave us his #) who is voting for
Romney. He is like 10 years younger, but we’re both two hot Latina women!

Now to the politics. So this guy said he is voting for Romney because he is smarter than Obama when it comes down to the economy.  And so I said: “Yes, he is smart enough to have shipped his company’s jobs overseas to China!”

He laughed sarcastically and said that I was parroting the anti-Romney ad messages, but that if Romney were to become president he would do what is best for the country.

I said: “Well, he did pretty well with Rommeycare in Massachusetts, but it’s surprising he is now against his own policies”. I wasn’t really able to finish my sentence, it was loud in the bar, and by the time the conversation started to turn to politics, the guy had focused his attention on my friend, let’s call her Paula.

Later that night when Paula was driving me home she confessed to me that she purposely played dumb because she knows guys want to feel they have the winning argument. Paula is very smart when it comes to catching guys, which means she has to play dumb. But that was not my goal. All I wanted is to plant that seed of doubt in a Romney voter’s mind, if he likes me or not after I do so, I don’t give a sh!t.

At some point during our politics debate, the guy said that Obama is a socialist and just wants to give away money to the freeloaders. My answer was simple: There will always be freeloaders, people who misuse and waste the opportunities that a good government offers them, but for every freeloader, there will be hundreds or thousands who will take advantage of this opportunity, and the more people take advantage of those opportunities, the more people will get ahead in the country, and the stronger the economy and the country will grow.


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