Neil’s Facebook Musings – Election Night Edition

At 11pm on November 6th, 2012:

They're shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood. I think the destruction of America just began, again! I'm gonna go throw spoons.

  A lesbian in the senate. What is this world coming to!? What's next–a gay president?

     I didn't know there was a New Mexico. What's wrong with the old Mexico?

         Does this mean gay people can marry & women can still control their bodies?

            I'm disappointed baby Jesus didn't win.

I'm anxiously waiting for my food stamps, bag of pot, free healthcare, clean water, environmental protection, quality education & Big Friggin' Bird in the mail tomorrow.

And finally:

Big Bird LIVES!

Once you vote smart, you never go back. It's not the color that makes the human. It's the quality of the social & economic policies that one person embodies & safeguards for 300 million Americans. No more voting stupid in this county again or you'll get stupid (Bush, Romney, Palin, Murdoch, etc…)

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