Guns, Money & the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd amendment grants Americans the right to bear arms. It doesn't grant Americans the right to absolute power. The gun debate is not about taking "your" gun away. It's about defining the line between the most powerful weapon you can & cannot own. And, if you open your eyes, we already do this. We have decided as a culture one can't own automatics, bazookas, tanks, nuclear weapons & other powerful badass weapons for some reason, which are all "arms." "Gun" advocates slip & slide on the argument that "guns don't kill people/people kill people" instead of dealing the real issue that the most powerful guns–semi-automatics & automatic–are weapons of absolute power & mass destruction. "Gun advocates" conflate their obsession with power with their right to bear arms. The Constitution doesn't grant Americans the right to bear the most powerful weapons ever made or a [...]

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MASS: Mothers Against School Shootings


A blogger at Daily Kos suggested a great idea to keep the deaths by gun violence in the forefront of everyone's mind: By keeping a running total of the gun deaths since the Sandy Hook shooting on the front page of every news organization. But in order to get that to happen we need the help of those who care most about this problem, those who will get others to listen to them and are willing to do something about it: Mothers! Mothers who want to fight for stricter gun control laws to protect their children! It is modeled on M.A.D.D. which has also many male supporters, men who know that people listen to mothers when it comes to protecting children.

The front page of the Huffington Post has been carrying links to news articles about all the gun related deaths that [...]

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The World is Watching

Not only the US but the whole world is talking about the tragic massacre of children in an elementary school in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut this past Friday.

The German Spiegel writes: Republicans and Gun Lobby Complicit in Newtown.

The Guardian asks: If not now, when is the time to talk about gun control?

China preferred to cover the US massacre rather than a similar event that occurred earlier that same day in China. The outcome was very different because in China, the man who attacked children at an elementary school on Friday only had a knife. The children were wounded, not killed.

In other places of the world the consensus is clear; people wish to see tighter gun control in the US because they believe the imperative is to save people’s lives.

But when I read the comment [...]

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Tax the Rich, An Animated Fairy Tale

Conservatives left and right, well, I meant, right and right, and the Republican propaganda machine are NOT happy about this video:

The video, narrated by Ed Asner, is paid for by the California Federation of Teachers and seems to be striking fear into the hearts of Republicans everywhere not only those with a child in the California school system. After all, those California children grow up and often move to other states. But Republicans need not fear. Their side and ideas will always be well represented and well funded. It is only fair to give an opportunity to the other side to express themselves.

Over the Cliff and Through the Wood to Grandmother’s House We Go…

Well – not much has changed in Washington and it’s pretty clear real change will only occur with great economic pain.  And the bad news is, barring a miracle, this pain will be upon us soon and it ultimately will be extremely severe.

There is no way around the pain now rather it’s a question of how bad.  Do the right thing now by gradually reducing spending, gradually increasing taxes, stop attacking the private sector (grow jobs) and gradually reduce the size of government and the economy will not collapse. The pain will still be bad, but depression and collapse can be avoided.

Keep spending like drunken sailors and the economy will collapse and along with it the global banking system and economy.  In fact a severe market correction can collapse the derivatives market leading to very rapid cascading failure of the global banking system, [...]

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Obama will not compromise

Tax cuts for the 98%

And why should he?

He just won an election. He won 332 vs 206 of the electoral votes. He got 51% vs 47% of the national votes. 4 million more votes than Romney. He fared much better than Bush who beat Kerry by 286 to 251 electoral votes in 2004, a much smaller margin, with 51% to 48% of the national vote, also a smaller margin, and Bush claimed to have a “mandate” in 2004. If Bush had a mandate, Obama sure as hell has one now.

How do Republicans think they are going to negotiate if they have nothing to leverage? All the posturing and talk by Boehner and McConnell? What for? To make SuperPAC donors happy? To make Fox News viewers happy?

The president’s plan on the table right now is to save the middle class tax cuts and [...]

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