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The Immigrant CitiZen in the USA

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About Immizen

Immizen is a blog for social, socioeconomic and political commentary. Immizen is a blog where we share and celebrate our different cultural backgrounds and opinions.

We are all immigrants in the USA. Some of us are nth generation immigrants whose ancestors came from foreign countries many generations ago and some of us received our American citizenship a few days ago. But all of us, with a unique perspective on this great country, either because we remained close to the culture of our ancestors, be it European, African, Asian, Hispanic, any other or in between, or because we were born and raised elsewhere, we can use our multicultural experiences to reflect on life in the USA. We all have poignant stories to tell and a voice that needs to be heard. 

Immizen stands for Immigrant citiZen in the USA, but it is for anyone with a strong connection to the United States of America and to other cultures.

Everyone is invited to participate in this blog, but political commentary has to support activities, politicians and candidates who embrace diversity and espouse progressive multicultural ideologies.