No Cheese

I feel the same, a sweet pain somewhere between my stomach and the cloud that is hanging there above the power lines. I feel the same, my feet don’t touch the floor when I walk. I feel the same, but I express it differently. My feelings are prolifically tender, yet quirky and surreal at times. I require a metaphor or a simile. I look for something contempoetic. I look for austere and haikuesque words. I think the moon is out again, but whether it's full or the eclipse colored it red, it does not matter if you are in Denver.

The Art of Tango Dancing


I keep thinking, this dance is not for me, and yet, I keep dancing it.

Artem “Tioma” Maloratsky, a New York Tango teacher, writes in his Tango Principles web site:

It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that this dance depends most fundamentally in good body conditioning, and after that in good partner connection. As those two improve, the freedom of musicality and choreography opens up as if by itself.

With regards to Partner connection, Tioma writes:

Partner connection is the heart of tango. It is probably the biggest source of enjoyment in this dance. Good partner connection opens the way to an unlimited evolution of this dance, while inefficient partner connection creates some of the biggest corruptions of it.

Leading and following are the basis of the language of tango. Good leading and good following keep this [...]

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A Reason To Live (Oscars Short Film Edition)

On Saturday evening, I saw the 5 Academy Award Nominated Live Action Short-Films from these years Oscars at a special viewing at the Miami Beach Cinematheque in the Historic City Hall of Miami Beach. After seeing the films I kept thinking about that one theme that permeated all 5 films.

And I kept coming back to the American film, “Curfew”, which I did not want to like because (a) American independent films are always about dysfunctional people in a relatively functioning environment and society (compared to e.g. Kabul Afghanistan, Mogadishu Somalia; locations where two other films were filmed) and (b) I am sick of the glorification of human dysfunction in films, e.g. “Silver Linings Playbook”, and (c) I would like to give recognition to other countries for showing greatness in filmmaking.

As it so happened, the American film reluctantly got most of my attention [...]

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My friend and I went to a bar and kinda picked up a cute guy (he gave us his #) who is voting for
Romney. He is like 10 years younger, but we’re both two hot Latina women!

Now to the politics. So this guy said he is voting for Romney because he is smarter than Obama when it comes down to the economy.  And so I said: “Yes, he is smart enough to have shipped his company’s jobs overseas to China!”

He laughed sarcastically and said that I was parroting the anti-Romney ad messages, but that if Romney were to become president he would do what is best for the country.

I said: “Well, he did pretty well with Rommeycare in Massachusetts, but it’s surprising he is now against his own policies”. I wasn’t really able to finish my sentence, it was loud in [...]

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One Day

One day, when all the leprechauns

come out of their holes

and compete in the magic poem tournament

I will finally meet my blind cyclop

with full delicious kissable lips


And the sky will erupt in a multicolor display

of orange and purple water crystals

yet behind the rainbow

a shoe will dangle from a tie-dyed tie

and if it fits

it will fit

Romney as Lord Farquaad

by DonkeyHotey

Cartoon by DonkeyHotey


Doesn't everyone get the feeling that Romney is a vain and conceited s.o., I mean person? Look, everybody knows the story of Romney and Etch-A-Sketch and of all his flip-flops and just how dishonest he is because all he cares about is to convince people that he is the second coming of Reagan or whatever the people in a particular state want him to be and if he has to lie his way into the hearts of the ignorant Republicans, he will do so.

He reminds me of Lord Farquaad in Shrek. If you have never seen "Shrek"… Farquaad is a vain and conceited character in Shrek who wants to become a king, but because he is not of royal stock, he cannot until he marries a princess – Romney has to marry the [...]

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Romney Names Running Mate (Satire… but rings so true)


These "Breaking News" were published by misterajc at Daily Kos:

The Romney campaign today announced a surprise pick for Vice President – Exxon Mobil Corporation. “This is a game changing decision, that will really energize the true Republican base: Koch Industries, Haliburton, Walmart, Bechtel, Fox and Shell BP,” said a Romney spokesman. “It's also a breakthrough for minority rights, as it's the first time a Corporate American had appeared on the ballot. With subsidiaries in fifty eight countries and puppet regimes in six, Exxon Mobil brings to the ticket foreign policy experience focused on the only countries that matter – the ones with oil.”

When questioned by reporters about the vetting process, the spokesman said that it had been completed in a record forty eight hours by Exxon Mobil staff. Asked about the possible conflict of interest, the spokesman revealed that Exxon [...]

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