Gun Votes For Sale


It is really incredible to me that the lobby of a small segment (four million or so) of the population barks so loudly for no-change-in-gun laws, – falsely citing impingement of the Second Amendment – when  is no secret that the vast majority of the people (91 percent of 330 million – do the math) want significant gun law change, including a majority of the members of the NRA.

      Our republic was founded on the principal of sustaining and serving the will of the majority. Historical examples of countries where a few controlled the rights of many are unquestionable proof of the eventual calamity this brought. The present world map is still replete with such injustices. The United States is supposed to stand out as an example of rule by the people.

     The resistance to gun law change is actually being [...]

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Medicare Scare: Friends, here we go again. Henny Penny – the sky is falling!

I received the email below and answered back with the following email:

Doom predictors love this stuff. Be advised that the "Medicare Warning" I received in my inbox is FALSE.

According to Medicare's Administrative Board of Trustees, who should know, if anyone does – not the opinion of another Henny Penny - here are the Trustees' predicted Medicare rates. This report was issued in April, 2012.
It is in your interest to check with or to verify alarmists' call to the barricades as Election Day approaches…  with less time to verify. You are being conned.
Gentlemen and ladies, the Facts, please. 
09   $ 96.40
10    110.50
11    115./40
12      99.99
13    109.10
14    112.10     (A far cry from $247 as stated below.)
15.   117.00
16    122.00
17    128.20
18.  $135.50


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The Blame Game

     I recently read a savvy editorial essay by Glen Grafton in Scripps Newspapers, titled “Blame game prevalent today: only you can stop it.” To my mind he has hit on the universal fault in today’s society.

     He begins “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you place the blame.”  Blaming others has become endemic as our national pastime, “surpassing baseball.”

     One example, I believe, is the TV viewers who thrive on the blaming-rhetoric of the media. Consider the vitriol that emanates from FOX NEWS or its antithesis, MSNBC, where facts are carefully selected, and shaded by image-producers to become nothing more than blaming the “other side.” People watch and applaud the blaming process. It pumps them up emotionally and sometimes roils into hate, especially among unbalanced types. For an everyday example of this, just listen to fellow workers on [...]

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