Dear Mitt & Dear Barack

Dear Mitt: I'd like to express my absolute joy for your defeat. In case you didn't realize it, most of the entire PLANET was terrified at the prospect of your victory…

Dear Barack: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now the pressure is on. We've given you a second chance. Enough of sticking with the Status Quo, of holding yourself hostage to a Congress that you've been forced to please consistently. Time to take the bull by the horns. This is your last (and only) chance to finally come through for us. Let us see a regulated Wall Street FOR REAL now, among others things… The wish list is too long, but I think you get the message. Go for it!

Miami Welcomes Brazilian Invasion


Upon my return to Miami from Brazil on March 13th, something very strange happened. The next day, while I was out running errands and doing the customary grocery shopping after being away for over a month, I had a Twilight Zone moment. As I pushed my cart from isle to isle, checking my list for all the items I needed, I kept hearing people speak Portuguese. For a minute there I felt confused and even dizzy. Then I started questioning my own sanity! Was I really on that flight? Or was it just the lingering effects of a really bad jetlag? But to my temporary relief there it was, written in large green letters: PUBLIX.

When I came home still feeling a bit discombobulated, I started opening my mail and found an article my father [...]

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Should I stay or should I go?


Facing the cold hard facts deciding whether to stay in Miami and endure its meager job market, or to return to Rio, to its old habits but promising economic rebirth.

 RIO DE JANEIRO – I like to call myself a “Brazirican” a made up term, which describes a mix of a Brazilian and a Porto Rican. Although I was born in PR, I spent my formative years in Rio de Janeiro and later went to High School and College in Florida, to end up becoming a permanent resident of Miami for the past 30 years. Nevertheless, I kept strong ties to Brazil, spending extensive periods of time here and working with several Miami based companies managing and working in this territory in one way or another.

 I am now on vacation down in Rio, and in the midst of Carnaval, all I kept [...]

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One True Saint

It was already noon when Ofelia da Silva climbed up the steps of the church, all one hundred and sixty one of them. There she stood, at the entrance to the Church of Our Lady of All Saints, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. She’d come all the way south far from the dirt roads and the poverty surrounding her life to witness a miracle. On that day, January the twenty fourth, it had been announced that Our Lady was to appear to her faithful believers, at exactly five o’clock in the afternoon.

Hundreds of people from far and near had gathered together to see the apparition. It was said that on other occasions our Lady had cured everything from cataracts to birth defects. No one could have guessed that Ofelia da Silva was there because she couldn’t sleep.

Ofelia had traveled [...]

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