Complacency and the November Elections 2014

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I have not been keeping up with politics as I used to. My friends are not talking politics with me anymore. My guess is that it is because things are good. Not perfect but good enough that we can ignore it. And that is the problem. Many people are being complacent. This Forbes article came out a month ago, proving that Obama has done a better job with the economy than Reagan did, and I did not see it nor did I hear about it. Forbes! They support Republicans! And as we know Republicans' main goal is to undo or obstruct what the president is doing (we are just collateral damage to them).

Elections are coming up and I wonder… what if only the obstructionists go out and vote?

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Big Bang: You Had Me At Singularity

Photo: Wiki Commons

Photo: Wiki Commons

A friend sent me this interesting article that my guess is, at the risk of sounding sexist, only guys read: “Our universe may have emerged from a black hole in a higher-dimensional universe”

Now, whenever I read about Black Holes, and here at the risk of sounding pretentious, I usually get bored because I was interested in them when I was 14, just like my daughter, who is 15 now, and asked me recently: "What was there before the universe was created, and what created that other thing?"

But this article or the study it refers to, at least had a refreshing aspect to it. I enjoyed finally reading about scientists saying that our universe was never inside a singularity, and dragons could have come flying out of the Big Bang for all we know.

But now they say it arose [...]

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The Fox News’s Propaganda Machine Grasping at Straws

Image Credits to Daily Kos

A Daily Kos article takes a look at what happens on Fox News when eight million people sign up for Obamacare. The answer comes down to one word: Benghazi!








Obamacare's success has banished it to the basement of Fox News's propaganda machine. And it turns out the same thing is true if you look at what GOP politicians are saying in Congress.

From January through April, GOP politicians on Capitol Hill used the word "Obamacare" 1,459 times in floor speeches compared with 114 times for Benghazi.

This month, they've used Benghazi 180 times—and Obamacare 23.

Benghazi? Again? I feel sorry for Fox News and their viewers. Between Obama's birth certificate, the "failing economy", Benghazi and Obamacare, they are running out of talking points. Will someone please help them? Where are the Koch brother's when they [...]

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Obamacare. Aplica Hoy!


  I had to post this picture that I took myself today in Miami Beach and will post it in other places because for some odd reason it gives me joy to imagine the disgust in the faces of tea partiers when they read Obamacare in a truck and then read some text in Spanish. I can imagine all the crazy thoughts that will race through their feeble minds: "Look at that, the immigrants are getting Obamacare for free! With our tax Dollars". Although on second thought, I'm not sure they know how to use Google translate.

There is not much more to say really.

Viva Obamacare!


Father/Daughter Conversation about Obamacare

Facebook Obamacare Conversation

My friend Anna, an occasional contributor in my blog, posted a comment about Obamacare in Facebook and one of her friends and her father answered with some excellent comments. She gave me permission to post the conversation in my blog.

While the friend had great points, I especially enjoyed reading the father-daughter interaction because it showed a beautiful connection between the two of them and very good analysis of the options and benefits of the law but also of the weaknesses and the politics behind Obamacare.

Daughter: Health insurance for $600-$700 a month for a family 5 sound good? How about $12,000 deductible? (No benefit is paid out until after deductible is met.)

    March 22 at 10:15am ·

    Friend: Is this a rhetorical question? For a family of 5. It sounds good to me.

    March 22 at 10:18am

    Friend: Well….. [...]

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Meet The Fox News Welfare Surfer


Even if old news, it’s always news on Faux News:

Fox News love their Joe the Plumber and now they love their anti-hero “Surfer Dude Jason”. Tell me if you think he is representative of those people who are getting food stamps?

On March 13th, 2014, almost six months after they first profiled their lobster eating food stamp recipient surfer dude, Fox News interviewed the guy again, to make the point that welfare is wasting tax payer’s money. They had 6 months to find some other slacker but they come back with the same old story. Well, what's to be expected from Faux News, right? The stories are about Jason Greenslate, a San Diego surfer, who buys sushi and lobster with a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program debit card. Greenslate plays in a rock band and laughed at the idea of getting a normal [...]

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NBC: Wealth of 85 richest people equal to wealth of half of the world’s population

Courtesy of NBC / NACHO DOCE / Reuters

NBC announced in an article today that the World's 85 richest have the same wealth as 3.5 billion of the poorest people.

When you bring up the issue of poverty in the US to ardent supporters of capitalism, they come up with the old rhetoric of capitalism vs. communism. Poverty is the collateral damage of capitalism that you have to live with because the alternative is communism. It is their excuse to ignore the issue or to ignore the poor. Where other people see human beings who they can identify with, because their struggles are the same, many capitalists only see numbers. They see the number of people collecting unemployment benefits or welfare checks. They don’t see people like them, human beings who have similar feelings and needs, who are also looking to find love, to start a family, have a respectable job, provide [...]

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Koch Brothers’ Obsession with Punishing the Poor


If the Koch brothers, David Koch and Charles Koch, were one person, they would be the second richest guy on earth. You would think wealthy guys like those two would have better things to do than obsessing about how to prevent the poor from getting welfare checks or how to get rid of the minimum wage.

Why don’t they just sail away on their yacht to the Côte d'Azur (an affluent coastal region in socialist France), sip their one million Dollar scotch on the rocks, smoke a fat ass cigar and discuss ways to get even richer without screwing those who are less privileged than them?

The Koch brothers have so much money, one of the Koch brothers literally made his own money with his own head on it as a means of trying to persuade you to vote him into [...]

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Teacher Pay 1940-2013: Losing Ground, Losing Status

This will be my last class of the semester & this will be the last semester that I will teach 7 (or more) classes to stay afloat. I resolve to float or drown with or without a decent wage. This will be the last semester that I work exclusively for an educational industry that extracts more from its adjunct professors than it returns. 70% of college professors work to educate America, from community colleges to top universities, without access to benefits of any kind, including healthcare, and sometimes we're even asked to pay for parking. We are encouraged to transform America with our teaching skills at wages equal to or less than what a Taco Bell cook makes per hour, but the system uses our need to give back & make the world a frigging better place because that is who we are. It uses [...]

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Sarah Palin: sheFunny :(

I have usually zero interest in hearing anything that lady has to say. I cringe when I hear her speak. But it has been quite a while since I’ve heard or tried to read anything about her and today I did. At Daily Kos today I read the following title and I had to click on it: “Palin Asked for Her Alternative to ACA; She NAILS It!”.

I knew it is impossible that woman nails anything. Impossible that she could come up with a good alternative for Obamacare. I knew it was going to be funny. So for the first time since the 2008 elections I wanted to hear what she had to say.

I am not sure who was funnier though. Palin or the blogger who introduced Palin’s statement with these words:

To all you haters out there:  You gotta hand [...]

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