What, precisely, can you do here?

After a quick registration, you can start blogging immediately — and rating and commenting on other posts (upon moderator approval).

Who can participate in this blog?

Anyone with a strong connection to the United States of America and to other cultures is invited to participate in this blog, but political commentary has to support activities, politicians and candidates who embrace diversity and espouse progressive multicultural ideologies.

Can all registered users post opinion articles and stories?

Yes, all registered users are registered as contributers and can post to the blog under the "community" category, but the posts of new users are moderated and will not be published until they have been accepted by an editor. If a user has articles with very good ratings that incite commentary in the community, the editors may decide to promote them to authors. The promotion to author is desirable as authors are able to post directly to the blog and the top authors may in turn be promoted to editors.

Can I write anything I want?

No. You have to abide by the Immizen Rules of Conduct and post articles, poems or stories that fit the mutlicultural, socioeconomic or sociopolitical theme of the blog. Please read the Rules of Conduct.

What are Tags and should I use them?

Tags are words that describe your article. It helps people find your article when they search in Google. As a rule, you should always add tags when you post an article.

My article is not in the Top Rated list but I got more Facebook "likes" than others?

Only articles with a top number of Immizen votes (the grey or yellow star under the article) will show up in the Top Rated list. Other votes do not count. (In the future we will try to combine both and other criteria)

Can we embed videos and images into the articles?

Yes, but only from these sites:

When embedding from youtube, click "share" and then "embed" in the youtube video page and copy the code in the textbox – usually something that uses the <iframe> tags. In the immizen "Edit page" screen, select HTML view (upper right corner) and paste the code where you want it to appear. Voila!

For photos from Photobucket, the process is similar.

Use the "Upload/Insert" – "Add Media" button to add images and videos to your article.

Please upload your image to one of the above sites (creating an account and uploading pictures is free of charge for most sites).