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Obamacare Awareness & Halloween Pimps


A recent Poll shows that bad press is increasing awareness of Obamacare which may be a good thing for the ACA law. The poll was conducted between Oct. 17 and 20, immediately after the government reopened after the 17 day shutdown and while media attention was shifting to the many technical problems with the website.

The survey released Monday by shows awareness and interest in the plan is growing among key demographics. The poll found 51 percent of all those surveyed — Democrats and Republicans alike — say the House Republican attacks and troubled launch of the Obamacare website have made them more interested in a new medical insurance plan. Only 4 percent say they're less interested.

In the Halloween picture you see one of my funny friends who knows how to party, always knows where the best parties are [...]

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The news of the day in one picture


Courtesy of Americans United for Change:












When it comes to poisoning people, right and left agree: US should focus on Monsanto not Syria

A week ago I saw an image circulating in Facebook by my conservative friends. Yes, I have some of those. In it Obama tells a school girl: “We are going to war in Syria because they poison children” and the school girl asks something like: “So why don’t you bomb Monsanto?” I modified the words here a bit because the conservative version is more offensive towards Obama and there is no need for that. We can criticize him without name calling. Unless he becomes Bush III, but so far I have not seen evidence of that.

Before the whole Syria chemical weapon dilemma started, I was seeing a lot of posts in Facebook condemning Monsanto and surprisingly, both conservatives and liberals “liked” those. Bill Maher's question in the image I posted is one of the more recent ones.

I am not one of those [...]

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Don’t be black in Florida. Don’t be a woman in Texas. Don’t be poor in America.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock retweeted this tweet by #nojustice about a month ago.

Today we learn that George Zimmermnan was spotted gun shopping in Florida. If we believe TMZ’s picture, he seemed very happy, smiled and proudly shook the hand of the gun shop owner.

As for Texas, we know this will be decided in the next gubernatorial elections between Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott and Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis. A Christian news network announced yesterday that a Planned Parenthood facility in Texas will be shutting down by the end of the month. Citing recent state budget cuts, spokespersons for Planned Parenthood explained that Texas has become an increasingly difficult state in which to perform abortions.

And poverty continues to be a problem that too many Americans choose to ignore. As the Huffington post reports today, people will either say "People [...]

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Breaking my silence on the Trayvon Martin case

Trayvon Martin courtesy of MSNBC.

Cross-posted at Almost Dorothy

I read about the Trayvon Martin murder trial. People seem to be pretty (and ugly) split in their defense of Martin or the defendant, George Zimmerman. I’m not a biologist, but I have two or more things to say:

1. Why the fuck are ‘citizens’  like Zimmerman becoming vigilantes running around suburbia with guns when violent crime statistics across the country have fallen precipitously over the last 40 years. (See the New York Times article “Steady Decline in Major Crime Baffles Experts“.)

2. However, is there a connection between violent crime increasing since 2006 (New York Times), easy access to high-powered weapons and the doubling of gun ownership since 2000 (Live Science)?

3. Why did defense lawyers claim that Trayvon Martin used concrete as a weapon against George Zimmerman? [...]

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NSA poll shows partisan shift: If my Prez does it, it’s okay!


How come I am not surprised? As reported by the Pew Research center, back when Bush was doing the “illegal” surveillance of citizens, a lot more Democrats and Independents were worried about it, but Republicans were fine with it.

Now that Obama is doing the “legal” surveillance of citizens data, 23% fewer Republicans like it, but still about half of them support it, yet 27% more Democrats support the program.

The question is how many principled people do not change their stand depending on who is running the government? It is probably the same people who distrust those running the government, be it one side or the other. Or those who fear that "Big Brother is Watching You" is the new reality.

Well, I think it is here already, but I can't seem to get scared, just annoyed. A week ago I [...]

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Who says Republicans Hate Welfare?

Miami Herald 2012 Photo of Citizens CFO Sharon Binnun who defends the giveways

They don’t!

They only hate it when it is for the poor!

How about helping your buddies with some $50 million of tax payer Dollars? Sure, says Rick Scott. No problem. At least not in Florida.

Oh, but wait, we need to be a little bit more discrete about it. Really just a tiny bit, because the tax payers are as dumb as it gets and we can do whatever we want as long as we tell the right stories (the debt is ruining America, Obama is dangerous, and what not).

So Scott and the Florida State GOP decide they want to show their appreciation to those who donated money to their campaign. Like a startup company called Heritage Property and Casualty Insurance Co that is not even a year old and wants to not only continue the unfair practices of the state-run Citizens [...]

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If your prejudices made people sick…

…would you free yourself of these prejudices?

NPR reminded its listeners today that the ban on gay marriage has negatively affected the mental health of gays and lesbians in the states that passed those laws. Mark Hatzenbuehler, a psychologist at Columbia University who studies the health effects of social policies is interviewed in the NPR story.

Hatzenbuehler and his colleagues Katie McLaughlin, Katherine Keyes and Deborah Hasin published their analysis in 2010 in the American Journal of Public Health.

"Lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals who lived in the states that banned same sex marriage experienced a significant increase in psychiatric disorders," says.

"There was a 37 percent increase in mood disorders," he says, "a 42 percent increase in alcohol-use disorders, and — I think really strikingly — a 248 percent increase in generalized anxiety disorders."

What I really found striking is the comparison [...]

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IRS Scandal will backfire for Tea Party and Republicans

IRS Tea Party

… in the court of public opinion.

Everyone has heard of the Tea Party. But did everybody know that not only were these people fighting against government and taxation, but that they applied for tax exempt status?

If they did not know, they know it now.

One thing is to complain about taxes and campaign against them, another is to dodge taxes. If it is illegal for us, it should be illegal for anyone.

We expect the law to apply equally to all, but we forget it is not. This will remind us how unfair the tax system is. No one outside of the Tea Party bubble will be happy to know that the Tea Party tried to get away with not paying taxes. No one outside of the Tea Party bubble will be happy that the Republicans are making this into a big [...]

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Business is booming in Texas

"Business in Texas" by Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

We know that Texas, being your typical Republican state with a low intellect Republican governor, is proud to have low taxes and low regulations. Those two things sound like music in the ears of the Republican flock.

What Republicans fail to understand is that those niceties can have horrible consequences.

Holding on tightly to your hard earned Dollars so that they can’t be spent on regulating food, factories, drinking water, the air you breathe, workers health and safety, highway, lighting  and urban security among many others, can make your life and that of your familiy and neighbors miserable, when disease, accident and crime strikes.

"Business in Texas" by Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

The cartoon shown above, published by Jack Ohman  at The Sacramento Bee, presents Perry standing at a podium behind a banner extolling the state's low taxes and low regulations, while exclaiming, [...]

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