The Fox News’s Propaganda Machine Grasping at Straws

Image Credits to Daily Kos

A Daily Kos article takes a look at what happens on Fox News when eight million people sign up for Obamacare. The answer comes down to one word: Benghazi!








Obamacare's success has banished it to the basement of Fox News's propaganda machine. And it turns out the same thing is true if you look at what GOP politicians are saying in Congress.

From January through April, GOP politicians on Capitol Hill used the word "Obamacare" 1,459 times in floor speeches compared with 114 times for Benghazi.

This month, they've used Benghazi 180 times—and Obamacare 23.

Benghazi? Again? I feel sorry for Fox News and their viewers. Between Obama's birth certificate, the "failing economy", Benghazi and Obamacare, they are running out of talking points. Will someone please help them? Where are the Koch brother's when they [...]

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Did Rice misuse the word “decimate”?


McCain started it, but now 97 Republicans signed a letter urging Obama to avoid a Susan Rice nomination?


Why? Because she said that “Al-Qaeda had been decimated”? (Among other things)

I remembered when she said it. I was watching “Face The Nation” or one of those political Sunday TV shows with a friend. We were both impressed at how eloquently UN Ambassador Susan Rice was explaining the events surrounding the Benghazi attack. I said I wished I could be as articulate and have such a deep vocabulary as she did. I write political articles, but it takes me hours, sometimes days to do it, and I have to revise and revise. But I am digressing. We were watching this interview and Rice said the following (in case it was Face The Nation):

“President Obama said when he was running [...]

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