Democracy is hard

Morsi sphinx

Once upon a time there was a dictator in Egypt:

The people in Egypt found a weapon or more to defeat the dictator:

Then came the elections:

Mohammed Morsi was elected president of Egypt.

Happy Ending? Not yet:


"Democracy is hard," Hillary Clinton said when she met with President Mohammed Morsi in July 2012. "It requires dialogue and compromise and real politics.

Some people in the US may not be happy that Obama won and may want to secede from the US. Perhaps they fear that Obama may attempt a power grab, but someone should tell them to relax. Someone should tell them to be proud that in the US, with the exception of Republican vote suppression, SuperPACs, Fox News propaganda and big corporations meddling in the elections, we have a healthy democracy [...]

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Wall Street Owns Both Parties

If one looks at the seemingly endless bubble to bust cycle of the past 30 years and the fact that no one of importance is in jail it’s pretty clear that Wall Street owns both sides.

LBOs in the 80s – not many went to jail. (Reagan/Bush Senior) Tech bubble late 90s – no one went to jail. (Clinton/Bush Jr.) Mortgage bubble – no one went to jail.  (Bush Jr./Obama)

Why?  Because Wall Street owns both sides and while they lobby to avoid restrictive legislation the securities fraud over the past 25 years has been outrageous.

Here’s a nice video of Elliot Spitzer discussing how Obama has done very little other than occasional rhetoric to address the issue.

Given his Bain background you can bet that Romney won’t do anything either, but what would Obama do if re-elected?

Probably not much.  What about that [...]

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