Discussing the military at the final presidential debate: Horses and Bayonets!


Obama responded to Romney's statement that he wants to add billions in defense spending to grow the US military by saying that Romney does not understand how the military works nowadays:

"We have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of military spending has changed"

I have always wanted a Democrat to remind people how backwards Republicans really are. This picture would be a good reminder:


In a self-defeating move, Romney brought up the 47% by lying about caring for the 100%

The question in the mind of Democrats and those who want to see president Obama reelected was: Will Obama mention Romney’s 47% quote? Will he go there? Democrats wanted to hear Obama talk about it. Well, he did! And it was another big lie by Romney that prompted Obama’s answer. Romney, trying to appear compassionate and caring, said, without being asked about it, that he “cares about the 100%”. What a moron! He dug his grave for the night!

Romney’s words from that secret video need to be repeated and people need to be reminded that it occurred during a campaign fundraiser with wealthy donors. People should not confuse Romney for someone who cares for all. He doesn’t:

 There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, [...]

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It’s hard work…

So the polls say Romney and Obama are even now after the very sad performance by Obama the other day and the strong but dishonest performance of Romney. No reason to panic.

Anyone remember Bush’s: “It’s hard work” phrase? In his first presidential debate with John Kerry in 2004, Bush kept repeating a few times too many that being President is "hard work". What he was trying to say is that he had to work so hard in his role as president and worry about the important stuff that he had little time to think about or prepare to debate some guy who wants his job.

And because it is fun to watch, here are the key moments of that historic debate:



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