FB wall post: “Obama will hurt military families”


Some of my FB friends (or acquaintances) are becoming more openly radical conservatives. They don't seem to mind how they come across as long as they can disseminate a lie that will paint Obama and the Democrats as evil destroyers of all that is dear in America.

This particular person is getting particularly rabid.

She writes:

Obama is about to cut spending to our military. This will hurt our military families and make the U.S. weak!

with the following photo:

I know of all the efforts by Obama, Michelle and the Dems to help improve services for our veterans. I know the defense spending cuts will mostly go to cutting wasteful spending for outdated military equipment, but my final response that I posted on her wall comes courtesy of wikipedia:

It is about time we [...]

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Discussing the military at the final presidential debate: Horses and Bayonets!


Obama responded to Romney's statement that he wants to add billions in defense spending to grow the US military by saying that Romney does not understand how the military works nowadays:

"We have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of military spending has changed"

I have always wanted a Democrat to remind people how backwards Republicans really are. This picture would be a good reminder: