Harlem Shake in Egypt – A Little Protest Dance For Democracy

Everybody has heard about the Harlem Shake video phenomenon which started sometime early February by this bunch of Australian dudes and is now taking over the world.

Even the Miami HEAT has one, and a very good one, I must say. If you are a HEAT hater, too bad. I happen to live in Miami and I cannot bring myself to be upset with LeBron.

But here is something I really enjoy seeing. As a former huge fan of Ghandi and his non violent resistant movement, and as someone who likes to shake it once in a while, there is nothing more refreshing than a political protest that involves music and some funky dance moves:

As reported by a Globe and Mail article (and I saw no one in underwear, not that there is anything wrong with showing a little skin):


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Democracy is hard

Morsi sphinx

Once upon a time there was a dictator in Egypt:

The people in Egypt found a weapon or more to defeat the dictator:

Then came the elections:

Mohammed Morsi was elected president of Egypt.

Happy Ending? Not yet:


"Democracy is hard," Hillary Clinton said when she met with President Mohammed Morsi in July 2012. "It requires dialogue and compromise and real politics.

Some people in the US may not be happy that Obama won and may want to secede from the US. Perhaps they fear that Obama may attempt a power grab, but someone should tell them to relax. Someone should tell them to be proud that in the US, with the exception of Republican vote suppression, SuperPACs, Fox News propaganda and big corporations meddling in the elections, we have a healthy democracy [...]

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The Iranian Dilemma

There’s lots of talk about attacking Iran and while some support such action and I think with far too much enthusiasm many are indifferent or against it.

Before offering an opinion on the matter I think it’s worth analyzing the situation.

Persian Gulf Oil Overview

Whatever action is taken or not there is no easy or clear decision on this matter.

Economically in 2011, 17 million barrels of oil per day were shipped through the Strait of Hormuz and with global output at 88 million barrels per day this represents roughly 20% of daily global output.

(See US Energy Information Administration)

Additional oil from the region travels by pipeline to the Red Sea, Turkey and within the UAE to the other side of the Strait.

Around 10% of US oil consumption is supplied by the Persian Gulf

This represented 16.4% of our [...]

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