Obama’s reelection bringing Fox News down – SOTU Fox News rating down 47%

Fox News

Sure, overall State of the Union ratings from yesterday's address are down from last year, but we want to take a look at what is happening to Fox News.

Fox News ratings have been falling dramatically since Obama’s reelection as reported in Politico on Jan 30th. And yesterday, even though Faux News was the most watched cable news network in total viewers, that did not apply to younger viewers.

Compared to SOTU ratings from a year ago, Fox News was down 3% overall, 16% in the 25-54 age demographic, and 47% in the 18-49 demographic group with the biggest drop of all networks.

For Republicans, "47 percent" is the curse that keeps on giving.

It seems that Fox News remaining viewership consists of retirees and almost retirees, and while I know people over 54 who are super fit and [...]

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Free birth control, how it affected the election and why it makes socio-economic sense

Demanding that insurance cover for contraceptives makes sense to a majority of Americans, with the exception of the religious right who will lose talking points if fewer women experience unwanted pregnancies, and libertarians, who think paying for it will increase the cost of healthcare.

But first, let’s revisit the effect that the contraceptive coverage rule had on the election and Obama’s victory. We know from exit polls that Obama carried the women vote by a margin of 55% to 44%, but for unmarried women the margin was 67% to 31% for Obama. However, the margins were even larger in the 2008 election.

Based on polls that show wide support for the contraceptive law among Democrats (80%) and among Catholic women (62%), the effect of the law seem to be that it attracted back women voters who may have otherwise [...]

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Dear Mitt & Dear Barack

Dear Mitt: I'd like to express my absolute joy for your defeat. In case you didn't realize it, most of the entire PLANET was terrified at the prospect of your victory…

Dear Barack: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now the pressure is on. We've given you a second chance. Enough of sticking with the Status Quo, of holding yourself hostage to a Congress that you've been forced to please consistently. Time to take the bull by the horns. This is your last (and only) chance to finally come through for us. Let us see a regulated Wall Street FOR REAL now, among others things… The wish list is too long, but I think you get the message. Go for it!

Neil’s Facebook Musings – Election Night Edition

At 11pm on November 6th, 2012:

They're shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood. I think the destruction of America just began, again! I'm gonna go throw spoons.

  A lesbian in the senate. What is this world coming to!? What's next–a gay president?

     I didn't know there was a New Mexico. What's wrong with the old Mexico?

         Does this mean gay people can marry & women can still control their bodies?

            I'm disappointed baby Jesus didn't win.

I'm anxiously waiting for my food stamps, bag of pot, free healthcare, clean water, environmental protection, quality education & Big Friggin' Bird in the mail tomorrow.

And finally:

Big Bird LIVES!

Once you vote smart, you never go back. It's not the color that makes the human. It's the quality of the social & economic policies that one person embodies & safeguards for [...]

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One Word: “Romneycare”

July 5, 2012  See Updates Below

Now that Republicans are claiming that the SCOTUS ruling gives them an advantage in the fall campaign, it is useful to remember back a bit to January when Rick Santorum said that Mitt Romney's support for the Massachusetts healthcare plan disqualifies him from being the GOP nominee.  The basic logic of this assertion was that "Obamacare" and "Romneycare" were essentially identical and that any Romney attempt to attack the one while simultaneously defending the other would be a hypocrisy obvious to everyone.

Well now the time has come. Health care reform has become a central issue again, thanks to the Supreme Court and the groups that challenged it.  The conservative base is fired up and ready to impeach both John Roberts and Obama.  The only problem is that the right does not have a suitable champion [...]

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No, Romney still has no chance in Wisconsin

There is a lot of chest-thumping among Republicans about the Scott Walker victory, but the truth is that the result was not at all unexpected and does not mean that Romney is any more likely to win in Wisconsin than Obama is likely to win in Texas (for example). Here is a list of all the polls that were conducted over the past year on the Wisconsin recall election:

Walker vs. Barrett Polling Data Poll Date Sample Walker (R) Barrett (D) Spread Final Results – – 53.2 46.3 Walker +6.9 RCP Average 5/17 – 6/3 – 51.5 44.8 Walker +6.7 WeAskAmerica 6/3 – 6/3 1570 LV 54 42 Walker +12 PPP (D) 6/2 – 6/3 1226 LV 50 47 Walker +3 Marquette University 5/23 – 5/26 600 LV 52 45 Walker +7 WeAskAmerica 5/23 – 5/23 [...]

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Tuesday May 8th Mostly Depressing Election Results

Here is a recap of yesterday’s election results:

In North Carolina, we have some very disappointing news, as the bigots have won by passing Amendment One, the law that bans already-banned same-sex marriage and tacks on a gratuitous "and no civil unions, either." With all counties reporting, the amendment was approved, 61% to 39%. And that even though there were a large number of high profile endorsements against Amendment One, including Bill Clinton and a number of churches.

And finally, in Indiana we have another win for ultra conservatives, a moderate Republican, yes they still exist but are going extinct fast, lost to a Tea Party candidate in the GOP primary elections.

Republican Sen. Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, a 35-year member of the Senate and one of Washington’s leading experts on U.S. foreign policy, lost his bid for reelection Tuesday after [...]

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RCP Watch: The Electoral College Map is Reshuffled Again!

In the absence of any new polls in the affected states, Real Clear Politics has decided to randomly shift states between the "Likely", "Leaning" and "Toss-up" categories.  Usually these category changes are noted with "<<" or ">>" carots, but not this time.  Here are the changes.


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RCP Watch: New Jersey No Longer “Safe” for Obama?

As we talked about yesterday, the 2012 presidential race is already over, but that doesn't mean we still can't keep watching just to enjoy the anguish of fans of the opposing team. 

In today's installment, we have a new poll from Quinnipiac (pronounced  KWIN-uh-pe-ack, and not some other way) that shows Obama leading Romney by 9 points in the Garden State of New Jersey. On the strength, or relative lack thereof, of this poll, the right-leaning Real Clear Politics website has seen fit to downgrade New Jersey from "Likely Obama" to "Leans Obama":


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