The Fox News’s Propaganda Machine Grasping at Straws

Image Credits to Daily Kos

A Daily Kos article takes a look at what happens on Fox News when eight million people sign up for Obamacare. The answer comes down to one word: Benghazi!








Obamacare's success has banished it to the basement of Fox News's propaganda machine. And it turns out the same thing is true if you look at what GOP politicians are saying in Congress.

From January through April, GOP politicians on Capitol Hill used the word "Obamacare" 1,459 times in floor speeches compared with 114 times for Benghazi.

This month, they've used Benghazi 180 times—and Obamacare 23.

Benghazi? Again? I feel sorry for Fox News and their viewers. Between Obama's birth certificate, the "failing economy", Benghazi and Obamacare, they are running out of talking points. Will someone please help them? Where are the Koch brother's when they [...]

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Meet The Fox News Welfare Surfer


Even if old news, it’s always news on Faux News:

Fox News love their Joe the Plumber and now they love their anti-hero “Surfer Dude Jason”. Tell me if you think he is representative of those people who are getting food stamps?

On March 13th, 2014, almost six months after they first profiled their lobster eating food stamp recipient surfer dude, Fox News interviewed the guy again, to make the point that welfare is wasting tax payer’s money. They had 6 months to find some other slacker but they come back with the same old story. Well, what's to be expected from Faux News, right? The stories are about Jason Greenslate, a San Diego surfer, who buys sushi and lobster with a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program debit card. Greenslate plays in a rock band and laughed at the idea of getting a normal [...]

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Jim Carrey: Fux News is a a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams


Jim Carrey came out in support of gun control and mocking the NRA in a recent video he posted on Funny or Die. The kinda-sorta-almost-journalists at Fox News, like Carrey calls them, did not like it a bit.

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld blasted Carrey for "attacking rural America”.


Greg Gutfeld, a Fox News personality, attacked Carrey after the clip went viral, saying,

"He is probably the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth and I hope his career is dead and I hope he ends up sleeping in a car. [...] This video made me want to go out and buy a gun. He thinks this is biting satire going after rural America and a dead man… He's a dirty, stinking coward… He's such a pathetic, sad, little freak. He's a gibbering mess. He's a [...]

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Obama’s reelection bringing Fox News down – SOTU Fox News rating down 47%

Fox News

Sure, overall State of the Union ratings from yesterday's address are down from last year, but we want to take a look at what is happening to Fox News.

Fox News ratings have been falling dramatically since Obama’s reelection as reported in Politico on Jan 30th. And yesterday, even though Faux News was the most watched cable news network in total viewers, that did not apply to younger viewers.

Compared to SOTU ratings from a year ago, Fox News was down 3% overall, 16% in the 25-54 age demographic, and 47% in the 18-49 demographic group with the biggest drop of all networks.

For Republicans, "47 percent" is the curse that keeps on giving.

It seems that Fox News remaining viewership consists of retirees and almost retirees, and while I know people over 54 who are super fit and [...]

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Tax the Rich, An Animated Fairy Tale

Conservatives left and right, well, I meant, right and right, and the Republican propaganda machine are NOT happy about this video:

The video, narrated by Ed Asner, is paid for by the California Federation of Teachers and seems to be striking fear into the hearts of Republicans everywhere not only those with a child in the California school system. After all, those California children grow up and often move to other states. But Republicans need not fear. Their side and ideas will always be well represented and well funded. It is only fair to give an opportunity to the other side to express themselves.

Obama will not compromise

Tax cuts for the 98%

And why should he?

He just won an election. He won 332 vs 206 of the electoral votes. He got 51% vs 47% of the national votes. 4 million more votes than Romney. He fared much better than Bush who beat Kerry by 286 to 251 electoral votes in 2004, a much smaller margin, with 51% to 48% of the national vote, also a smaller margin, and Bush claimed to have a “mandate” in 2004. If Bush had a mandate, Obama sure as hell has one now.

How do Republicans think they are going to negotiate if they have nothing to leverage? All the posturing and talk by Boehner and McConnell? What for? To make SuperPAC donors happy? To make Fox News viewers happy?

The president’s plan on the table right now is to save the middle class tax cuts and [...]

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Tom’s Advice For Mitt Romney In The Upcoming Debates

As the regulars readers of this blog are aware, I am an unapologetic shill for Obama. Nevertheless, I offer here my sincere advice to Mitt Romney in the first debate this Wednesday.  Not because I really wish for Romney to win but rather, as I said here and here, I believe this election is already over and I might as well be a gracious winner.  In that spirit, here are my pointers for Romney:  

Suggestion 1: Don't choke!

Seriously. You don't want to choke at any point during a Presidential debate, if for no other reason than that it looks really gross and disturbing.  John McCain did not follow this advice and lost the 2008 election badly.  Romney needs to avoid this very fundamental mistake.

Suggestion 2: Don't try to be funny!

This pointer is more [...]

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The Blame Game

     I recently read a savvy editorial essay by Glen Grafton in Scripps Newspapers, titled “Blame game prevalent today: only you can stop it.” To my mind he has hit on the universal fault in today’s society.

     He begins “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you place the blame.”  Blaming others has become endemic as our national pastime, “surpassing baseball.”

     One example, I believe, is the TV viewers who thrive on the blaming-rhetoric of the media. Consider the vitriol that emanates from FOX NEWS or its antithesis, MSNBC, where facts are carefully selected, and shaded by image-producers to become nothing more than blaming the “other side.” People watch and applaud the blaming process. It pumps them up emotionally and sometimes roils into hate, especially among unbalanced types. For an everyday example of this, just listen to fellow workers on [...]

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Watching Fox News with a right-winger


I seem to encounter Republicans a bit more often than I would like to and that although 90% of my friends are Democrats and my salary is nowhere near that of a 1%er.

Today I was at the doctor’s office where they had a TV with the Fox News channel on. I was thinking about asking the receptionist to change the channel, but before I could say anything, this guy (white guy in his forties) blurted out something in reference to the (of course, biased) coverage of Romney’s campaign with images of a bunch of women hugging and giving handshakes to Romney:

“And they say he has no support among women!”

He glanced at me when he said that so I replied: “They had to pay these women to show up”

He let out a sarcastic laugh and replied: “I’m sure they also pay [...]

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One Word: “Romneycare”

July 5, 2012  See Updates Below

Now that Republicans are claiming that the SCOTUS ruling gives them an advantage in the fall campaign, it is useful to remember back a bit to January when Rick Santorum said that Mitt Romney's support for the Massachusetts healthcare plan disqualifies him from being the GOP nominee.  The basic logic of this assertion was that "Obamacare" and "Romneycare" were essentially identical and that any Romney attempt to attack the one while simultaneously defending the other would be a hypocrisy obvious to everyone.

Well now the time has come. Health care reform has become a central issue again, thanks to the Supreme Court and the groups that challenged it.  The conservative base is fired up and ready to impeach both John Roberts and Obama.  The only problem is that the right does not have a suitable champion [...]

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