Why Republicans hate Chuck Hagel

GOP hates Hagel

 As insinuated by the following cartoon and Slate’s Fred Kaplin, Republicans hate one of their own, Republican Chuck Hagel, because Obama nominated him. Because it means that Obama can claim bipartisanship in selecting his national-security team:

When will Republicans see the light?


Lessons from Germany: How to overcome the fear of freeloaders

Romney’s most recent statement that Obama won by offering "gifts" to African-Americans, Hispanics and young voters reminds us all of his now infamous 47% comments. But it also reminds me of something else: the Republican fear of freeloaders.

Freeloaders, as conservatives view them, include many types of people, not just those who for example don’t have a disability but figure a way to get disability benefits. It also includes people who have a hard time finding a job and collect unemployment benefits. It includes low income women who have children they can’t take care of and collect welfare benefits, and many other people who get help from the government.

When I was fifteen I traveled from Peru, where I grew up, to Germany, to visit my godmother. I marveled at the sight of the clean and organized cities, perfectly build roads, bridges and buildings, [...]

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A majority like Obama. But some really dislike him – like that judge in Montana.


Recent polls show that a majority or near majority of people like Obama or have a favorable opinion of him. In a February 10-13, 2012 CNN poll, Obama had a 53% favorable vs. a 45% unfavorable rating. Compare that to Romney’s 34% favorable vs. 54% unfavorable ratings.

Another Jan 14-17th poll, found that Obama has a high likability rating with 66%/ 23% (like/dislike), while for Romney the numbers are a bit depressing: 44%/ 25% (like/dislike).

 “I think likeability is really important, and I think we don’t know how important it is because it is a judgment people make automatically,” said Rutgers University political scientist Richard Lau.

Yes, it is. And what is not to like about Obama?

People see that he is a decent man with a nice family, and a no-drama temperament, according to polls and focus questions. We know [...]

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