Barack Obama: Four More Years!!!

Obama smiling...

We won!!! We are moving forward!

Obamacare is here to stay!

The Senate stays in Democratic hands! But let’s write to our Senators and ask for filibuster reform!

Elizabeth Warren beats ex nude model Scott Brown and is elected first female senator of Massachusetts!

Tammy Baldwin wins in Wisconsin. She becomes the first openly gay senator ever!

Millionaires and billionaires will have to help pay down the debt by paying taxes at a fair rate!

And The Losers

The Tea Party lost big! Tea Party candidates who made outrageous claims about rape and God lost big.

Karl Rove lost big! When everyone else had called the presidency for Obama, Rove at Fox News was still doing his sums, arguing a Romney victory in Ohio is possible. As Sam Wang so aptly put it:

Wow. Just wow. (1) Anger, (2) Denial, (3) Bargaining… Read More

A Heartbreaking Story Of The Obama Campaign’s Staggering Genius *

Republican Super PACs: We Can't Buy The Election Like We Thought We Could

A billionaire-backed stimulus program for states that went Obama in 2008.  A private cash infusion to prop up the economy in a race where Obama gets the credit. However you characterize what is going on now in the 2012 election, the societal benefit of the Super PAC spending spree is tremendous, particularly if you happen to live in one of the aforementioned states. From today's Wall Street Journal:

Big outside political groups armed with an unprecedented river of money had appeared poised to be pivotal players in the 2012 elections.

So far, these super PACs are looking less than super.

Freed of any constraints on the size of donations, political action committees have since April poured more than $250 million into the presidential and select congressional races—more than what the two [...]

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