Obamacare. Aplica Hoy!


  I had to post this picture that I took myself today in Miami Beach and will post it in other places because for some odd reason it gives me joy to imagine the disgust in the faces of tea partiers when they read Obamacare in a truck and then read some text in Spanish. I can imagine all the crazy thoughts that will race through their feeble minds: "Look at that, the immigrants are getting Obamacare for free! With our tax Dollars". Although on second thought, I'm not sure they know how to use Google translate.

There is not much more to say really.

Viva Obamacare!


Father/Daughter Conversation about Obamacare

Facebook Obamacare Conversation

My friend Anna, an occasional contributor in my blog, posted a comment about Obamacare in Facebook and one of her friends and her father answered with some excellent comments. She gave me permission to post the conversation in my blog.

While the friend had great points, I especially enjoyed reading the father-daughter interaction because it showed a beautiful connection between the two of them and very good analysis of the options and benefits of the law but also of the weaknesses and the politics behind Obamacare.

Daughter: Health insurance for $600-$700 a month for a family 5 sound good? How about $12,000 deductible? (No benefit is paid out until after deductible is met.)

    March 22 at 10:15am ·

    Friend: Is this a rhetorical question? For a family of 5. It sounds good to me.

    March 22 at 10:18am

    Friend: Well….. [...]

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Sarah Palin: sheFunny :(

I have usually zero interest in hearing anything that lady has to say. I cringe when I hear her speak. But it has been quite a while since I’ve heard or tried to read anything about her and today I did. At Daily Kos today I read the following title and I had to click on it: “Palin Asked for Her Alternative to ACA; She NAILS It!”.

I knew it is impossible that woman nails anything. Impossible that she could come up with a good alternative for Obamacare. I knew it was going to be funny. So for the first time since the 2008 elections I wanted to hear what she had to say.

I am not sure who was funnier though. Palin or the blogger who introduced Palin’s statement with these words:

To all you haters out there:  You gotta hand [...]

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Obamacare Awareness & Halloween Pimps


A recent Poll shows that bad press is increasing awareness of Obamacare which may be a good thing for the ACA law. The poll was conducted between Oct. 17 and 20, immediately after the government reopened after the 17 day shutdown and while media attention was shifting to the many technical problems with the Healthcare.gov website.

The survey released Monday by Bankrate.com shows awareness and interest in the plan is growing among key demographics. The poll found 51 percent of all those surveyed — Democrats and Republicans alike — say the House Republican attacks and troubled launch of the Obamacare website have made them more interested in a new medical insurance plan. Only 4 percent say they're less interested.

In the Halloween picture you see one of my funny friends who knows how to party, always knows where the best parties are [...]

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The news of the day in one picture


Courtesy of Americans United for Change:












A Canadian CEO criticizes Obamacare and the Canadian Healthcare system

Over the weekend I went to dinner with some friends and among them was a conservative Canadian who was disappointed Obama won, so basically a Republicanadian.  As a business owner who works hard to grow his business into an international franchise and as a job creator (he used that term), he said he wanted someone who understands that the economy depends on making business such as his grow.  We talked debt, economy, socialism, among other topics and I countered his arguments with my “socialist views”. He even asked to see my communist card and I told him not to joke about it because under Obama he will soon get one too! But when it came to discussing Obama's healthcare law as it compares to the Canadian healthcare system, I was at a loss for arguments because I was not familiar with the Canadian system. 


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Free birth control, how it affected the election and why it makes socio-economic sense

Demanding that insurance cover for contraceptives makes sense to a majority of Americans, with the exception of the religious right who will lose talking points if fewer women experience unwanted pregnancies, and libertarians, who think paying for it will increase the cost of healthcare.

But first, let’s revisit the effect that the contraceptive coverage rule had on the election and Obama’s victory. We know from exit polls that Obama carried the women vote by a margin of 55% to 44%, but for unmarried women the margin was 67% to 31% for Obama. However, the margins were even larger in the 2008 election.

Based on polls that show wide support for the contraceptive law among Democrats (80%) and among Catholic women (62%), the effect of the law seem to be that it attracted back women voters who may have otherwise [...]

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Medicare Scare: Friends, here we go again. Henny Penny – the sky is falling!

I received the email below and answered back with the following email:

Doom predictors love this stuff. Be advised that the "Medicare Warning" I received in my inbox is FALSE.

According to Medicare's Administrative Board of Trustees, who should know, if anyone does – not the opinion of another Henny Penny - here are the Trustees' predicted Medicare rates. This report was issued in April, 2012.
It is in your interest to check with www.Snopes.com or Facts.com to verify alarmists' call to the barricades as Election Day approaches…  with less time to verify. You are being conned.
Gentlemen and ladies, the Facts, please. 
09   $ 96.40
10    110.50
11    115./40
12      99.99
13    109.10
14    112.10     (A far cry from $247 as stated below.)
15.   117.00
16    122.00
17    128.20
18.  $135.50


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Tom’s Advice For Mitt Romney In The Upcoming Debates

As the regulars readers of this blog are aware, I am an unapologetic shill for Obama. Nevertheless, I offer here my sincere advice to Mitt Romney in the first debate this Wednesday.  Not because I really wish for Romney to win but rather, as I said here and here, I believe this election is already over and I might as well be a gracious winner.  In that spirit, here are my pointers for Romney:  

Suggestion 1: Don't choke!

Seriously. You don't want to choke at any point during a Presidential debate, if for no other reason than that it looks really gross and disturbing.  John McCain did not follow this advice and lost the 2008 election badly.  Romney needs to avoid this very fundamental mistake.

Suggestion 2: Don't try to be funny!

This pointer is more [...]

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Obamacare rebate checks coming to Florida: Republicans say what?

Today I got two insurance letters in the mail. One from my daughter’s Cigna insurance reporting that, because the insurance company spent 74.7% of premium Dollars on health care, which is below the 80% requirement, it will be issuing a rebate of 5.3% of the health care premium. The other letter is from United Healthcare and has similar content but does not specify the amount yet, and anyways, that rebate check goes to the small business that employs me and pays 100% of my health insurance.

What does this mean? It means that people like me, who currently have private insurance, will experience a measurable monetary benefit thanks to the new health care reform law. It also means that owners of small business who care to insure their employees will also have a reason to be more appreciative of the new law.

According to the [...]

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