Complacency and the November Elections 2014

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I have not been keeping up with politics as I used to. My friends are not talking politics with me anymore. My guess is that it is because things are good. Not perfect but good enough that we can ignore it. And that is the problem. Many people are being complacent. This Forbes article came out a month ago, proving that Obama has done a better job with the economy than Reagan did, and I did not see it nor did I hear about it. Forbes! They support Republicans! And as we know Republicans' main goal is to undo or obstruct what the president is doing (we are just collateral damage to them).

Elections are coming up and I wonder… what if only the obstructionists go out and vote?

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The news of the day in one picture


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Who says Republicans Hate Welfare?

Miami Herald 2012 Photo of Citizens CFO Sharon Binnun who defends the giveways

They don’t!

They only hate it when it is for the poor!

How about helping your buddies with some $50 million of tax payer Dollars? Sure, says Rick Scott. No problem. At least not in Florida.

Oh, but wait, we need to be a little bit more discrete about it. Really just a tiny bit, because the tax payers are as dumb as it gets and we can do whatever we want as long as we tell the right stories (the debt is ruining America, Obama is dangerous, and what not).

So Scott and the Florida State GOP decide they want to show their appreciation to those who donated money to their campaign. Like a startup company called Heritage Property and Casualty Insurance Co that is not even a year old and wants to not only continue the unfair practices of the state-run Citizens [...]

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Business is booming in Texas

"Business in Texas" by Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

We know that Texas, being your typical Republican state with a low intellect Republican governor, is proud to have low taxes and low regulations. Those two things sound like music in the ears of the Republican flock.

What Republicans fail to understand is that those niceties can have horrible consequences.

Holding on tightly to your hard earned Dollars so that they can’t be spent on regulating food, factories, drinking water, the air you breathe, workers health and safety, highway, lighting  and urban security among many others, can make your life and that of your familiy and neighbors miserable, when disease, accident and crime strikes.

"Business in Texas" by Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

The cartoon shown above, published by Jack Ohman  at The Sacramento Bee, presents Perry standing at a podium behind a banner extolling the state's low taxes and low regulations, while exclaiming, [...]

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Young Republicans Becoming the Forecasters of Doom


Unlike their old Republican counterparts, who forecast doom after every breath Obama takes, the young Republicans, as reported by an interesting NYT article, forecast the doom of the Republican party itself.

What is a young Republican to do? And what are they if not a misguided rarity in the party of old white men? The GOP is already obsolete. They just don't know it. That's how out of touch they are. Their appeal is only for the hate mongers like Limbaugh and the stupid like Perry and the nuts who think Obama is the Muslim born in Kenya. Reality is catching up with many of them and when all the veneer of civility has finally been eroded and that last Republican with a brain can see the emperor has no clothes, the GOP will be known as Zombieland!

While the NYT article [...]

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Why Republicans hate Chuck Hagel

GOP hates Hagel

 As insinuated by the following cartoon and Slate’s Fred Kaplin, Republicans hate one of their own, Republican Chuck Hagel, because Obama nominated him. Because it means that Obama can claim bipartisanship in selecting his national-security team:

When will Republicans see the light?


Tax the Rich, An Animated Fairy Tale

Conservatives left and right, well, I meant, right and right, and the Republican propaganda machine are NOT happy about this video:

The video, narrated by Ed Asner, is paid for by the California Federation of Teachers and seems to be striking fear into the hearts of Republicans everywhere not only those with a child in the California school system. After all, those California children grow up and often move to other states. But Republicans need not fear. Their side and ideas will always be well represented and well funded. It is only fair to give an opportunity to the other side to express themselves.

Lessons from Germany: How to overcome the fear of freeloaders

Romney’s most recent statement that Obama won by offering "gifts" to African-Americans, Hispanics and young voters reminds us all of his now infamous 47% comments. But it also reminds me of something else: the Republican fear of freeloaders.

Freeloaders, as conservatives view them, include many types of people, not just those who for example don’t have a disability but figure a way to get disability benefits. It also includes people who have a hard time finding a job and collect unemployment benefits. It includes low income women who have children they can’t take care of and collect welfare benefits, and many other people who get help from the government.

When I was fifteen I traveled from Peru, where I grew up, to Germany, to visit my godmother. I marveled at the sight of the clean and organized cities, perfectly build roads, bridges and buildings, [...]

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National Republicans Fund “Legitimate Rape”

After piously proclaiming it's revulsion for Todd Akin last month, the National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a statement Wednesday "clarifying" its support for Rep. Todd Akin in the Missouri Senate race and suggesting it might spend money to help elect him:

“There is no question that for Missourians who believe we need to stop the reckless Washington spending, rein-in the role of government in people’s lives, and finally focus on growing jobs in this country, that Todd Akin is a far more preferable candidate than liberal Sen. Claire McCaskill,” NRSC executive director Rob Jesmer said. “As with every Republican Senate candidate, we hope Todd Akin wins in November, and we will continue to monitor this race closely in the days ahead.”

This statement come after appeals from Jim DeMint and Newt Gingrich for Republicans to help Akin.  The "clarification" that the National Party is [...]

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A Republican nostalgic for the Nixon era of regulations will vote for Obama

One of my moderate Republican friends made the very anti-GOP claim that the role of the government is to regulate.

He finds it ridiculous that the House Republicans signed a pledge never to raise taxes and are not willing to give up their stance even when the debt continues to grow.

He says it is best if the Republican Party loses big so that they realize they are going in the wrong direction and hopefully go back to the good old days (from 40+ years ago).

He mentioned that the Republicans from the generation of his parents used to support and sign into law many regulations. He told me, and this surprised me, as I was not aware of it (I came to the US in 1996), that Nixon signed into law many environmental regulations. But he forgot to tell me that it was the [...]

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