The Election Will Not Be Televised

Unless You Live In A Swing State

My seven-year-old son came up to me one day last week and said "Dad?" "Yes, son?", I replied. "I hate Mitt Romney".

Understand that we live in North Carolina and one of my son's favorite pastimes is playing a game called "Minecraft".  But, besides actually playing Minecraft, he seems to spend almost as much time on Youtube watching videos of other kids playing Minecraft.  On Youtube these days, at least in North Carolina, most Youtube ads are political ads. 

"Why do you hate Mitt Romney?", I asked.  I have never said anything to him about Mitt Romney, ever. 

"Because Mitt Romney is rich and doesn't pay a lot of tax and wants to cut taxes on other rich people."

Like Garrison Keiler says, all kids are "above average", but my son is not more "above average" than any [...]

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Analyzing the Analysis

Now is the "silly season" of election handicapping. There are too many of these out right now to read every one, but this bit of hackery by new blogger Charles Mahtesian of Politico caught my eye:

Whatever you call the most competitive places on the electoral map – swing states, battleground states, toss-ups – the range of opinion suggests that they aren’t all equally in play. And that’s borne out by the polling and recent voting history of many of the states.

One way to look at the swing state collection is to divide them into hard and soft swing states. The hard swing states are nearly universally agreed on by the two parties, analysts and by media outlets as up for grabs; ad purchases and investments by the candidates, parties or outside groups underscore their status as extremely competitive.

The soft swing states [...]

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