IRS Scandal will backfire for Tea Party and Republicans

IRS Tea Party

… in the court of public opinion.

Everyone has heard of the Tea Party. But did everybody know that not only were these people fighting against government and taxation, but that they applied for tax exempt status?

If they did not know, they know it now.

One thing is to complain about taxes and campaign against them, another is to dodge taxes. If it is illegal for us, it should be illegal for anyone.

We expect the law to apply equally to all, but we forget it is not. This will remind us how unfair the tax system is. No one outside of the Tea Party bubble will be happy to know that the Tea Party tried to get away with not paying taxes. No one outside of the Tea Party bubble will be happy that the Republicans are making this into a big [...]

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Business is booming in Texas

"Business in Texas" by Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

We know that Texas, being your typical Republican state with a low intellect Republican governor, is proud to have low taxes and low regulations. Those two things sound like music in the ears of the Republican flock.

What Republicans fail to understand is that those niceties can have horrible consequences.

Holding on tightly to your hard earned Dollars so that they can’t be spent on regulating food, factories, drinking water, the air you breathe, workers health and safety, highway, lighting  and urban security among many others, can make your life and that of your familiy and neighbors miserable, when disease, accident and crime strikes.

"Business in Texas" by Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

The cartoon shown above, published by Jack Ohman  at The Sacramento Bee, presents Perry standing at a podium behind a banner extolling the state's low taxes and low regulations, while exclaiming, [...]

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Obama will not compromise

Tax cuts for the 98%

And why should he?

He just won an election. He won 332 vs 206 of the electoral votes. He got 51% vs 47% of the national votes. 4 million more votes than Romney. He fared much better than Bush who beat Kerry by 286 to 251 electoral votes in 2004, a much smaller margin, with 51% to 48% of the national vote, also a smaller margin, and Bush claimed to have a “mandate” in 2004. If Bush had a mandate, Obama sure as hell has one now.

How do Republicans think they are going to negotiate if they have nothing to leverage? All the posturing and talk by Boehner and McConnell? What for? To make SuperPAC donors happy? To make Fox News viewers happy?

The president’s plan on the table right now is to save the middle class tax cuts and [...]

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Lessons from Germany: How to overcome the fear of freeloaders

Romney’s most recent statement that Obama won by offering "gifts" to African-Americans, Hispanics and young voters reminds us all of his now infamous 47% comments. But it also reminds me of something else: the Republican fear of freeloaders.

Freeloaders, as conservatives view them, include many types of people, not just those who for example don’t have a disability but figure a way to get disability benefits. It also includes people who have a hard time finding a job and collect unemployment benefits. It includes low income women who have children they can’t take care of and collect welfare benefits, and many other people who get help from the government.

When I was fifteen I traveled from Peru, where I grew up, to Germany, to visit my godmother. I marveled at the sight of the clean and organized cities, perfectly build roads, bridges and buildings, [...]

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The Election Will Not Be Televised

Unless You Live In A Swing State

My seven-year-old son came up to me one day last week and said "Dad?" "Yes, son?", I replied. "I hate Mitt Romney".

Understand that we live in North Carolina and one of my son's favorite pastimes is playing a game called "Minecraft".  But, besides actually playing Minecraft, he seems to spend almost as much time on Youtube watching videos of other kids playing Minecraft.  On Youtube these days, at least in North Carolina, most Youtube ads are political ads. 

"Why do you hate Mitt Romney?", I asked.  I have never said anything to him about Mitt Romney, ever. 

"Because Mitt Romney is rich and doesn't pay a lot of tax and wants to cut taxes on other rich people."

Like Garrison Keiler says, all kids are "above average", but my son is not more "above average" than any [...]

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A Republican nostalgic for the Nixon era of regulations will vote for Obama

One of my moderate Republican friends made the very anti-GOP claim that the role of the government is to regulate.

He finds it ridiculous that the House Republicans signed a pledge never to raise taxes and are not willing to give up their stance even when the debt continues to grow.

He says it is best if the Republican Party loses big so that they realize they are going in the wrong direction and hopefully go back to the good old days (from 40+ years ago).

He mentioned that the Republicans from the generation of his parents used to support and sign into law many regulations. He told me, and this surprised me, as I was not aware of it (I came to the US in 1996), that Nixon signed into law many environmental regulations. But he forgot to tell me that it was the [...]

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Mitt’s 12 Million Jobs Will Unsurprisingly Not Be Mitt’s Doing

Mr. Magic Underpants likes taking credit for things he didn't do, like the auto bailout. Now he's taking credit for the job numbers that will be created regardless of which brand of government wins in the White House this November. Moody's Analytics predicts 12 million jobs will be created by 2016, the same number Mitt's promising. Unbelievable! 

He also promises to "help you and your family." 

Holy underpants Batman! This must mean he's going to start paying his fair share of taxes on those $250 million! THANK YOU JESUS!

Paul Ryan’s pick has energized both sides: two examples


This morning I found in my inbox both at home and at work an email with the title "Mitt Romney for President". I don't subscribe to any Republican sites or message services, so I was surprised. The email was sent at the request of the only Tea Party person I know, let's call her TP.

Your friend, TP, has invited you to be a part of Mitt Romney's 2012 online community.

This effort is not about more rhetoric, it's not about a person, or politicians giving speeches — it is about the cause of restoring American greatness.

TP has committed to this, will you? Take the first step by becoming a member of the team!

While it may not have been the first time she sent me something political, I cannot remember the last time she did. She knows I am a die-hard Democrat. I [...]

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Breaking News: Romney Involved In Organized Crime In 2009

Ok I have to admit, this one is even more thinly sourced than usual, but I am still going with it because it just makes too much sense not to be true.  The basic idea is that there is no way that Mitt Romney can release his earlier tax returns because if he did, they would reveal that he was involved in a vast Mormon crime ring that makes sex dolls using slave labor:

The clan, known privately as the Order, runs what prosecutors believe is one of the largest organized-crime operations in Utah, overseeing its far-flung empire from a string of secret locations and backrooms. On the surface, the operation is legit: From Salt Lake, the Order controls some 100 businesses spread out over the Western states, from a casino in California to a cattle ranch in Nevada to a factory that makes [...]

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Breaking News: Romney Paid No Taxes in 2009

Romney now denies this!  (See updates below)

This just in from Business Week:

When the stock market collapsed in 2008, the wealthiest investors fared worse than everyone else. (See, for instance, this Merrill Lynch study.) The “ultra-rich” — those with fortunes over $30 million — fared worst of all, losing on average about 25 percent of their net worth. “There was really nowhere to hide as an investor in 2008,” Merrill Lynch’s president of global wealth management pointed out in 2009. “No region ended the year unscathed.”

As a member of the ultra-rich, Romney probably wasn’t spared major losses. And it’s possible that he suffered a large enough capital loss that, carried forward and coupled with his various offshore tax havens, he wound up paying no U.S. federal taxes at all in 2009. If true, this would be politically deadly for him. [...]

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