Obamacare. Aplica Hoy!


  I had to post this picture that I took myself today in Miami Beach and will post it in other places because for some odd reason it gives me joy to imagine the disgust in the faces of tea partiers when they read Obamacare in a truck and then read some text in Spanish. I can imagine all the crazy thoughts that will race through their feeble minds: "Look at that, the immigrants are getting Obamacare for free! With our tax Dollars". Although on second thought, I'm not sure they know how to use Google translate.

There is not much more to say really.

Viva Obamacare!


The news of the day in one picture


Courtesy of Americans United for Change:












IRS Scandal will backfire for Tea Party and Republicans

IRS Tea Party

… in the court of public opinion.

Everyone has heard of the Tea Party. But did everybody know that not only were these people fighting against government and taxation, but that they applied for tax exempt status?

If they did not know, they know it now.

One thing is to complain about taxes and campaign against them, another is to dodge taxes. If it is illegal for us, it should be illegal for anyone.

We expect the law to apply equally to all, but we forget it is not. This will remind us how unfair the tax system is. No one outside of the Tea Party bubble will be happy to know that the Tea Party tried to get away with not paying taxes. No one outside of the Tea Party bubble will be happy that the Republicans are making this into a big [...]

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Barack Obama: Four More Years!!!

Obama smiling...

We won!!! We are moving forward!

Obamacare is here to stay!

The Senate stays in Democratic hands! But let’s write to our Senators and ask for filibuster reform!

Elizabeth Warren beats ex nude model Scott Brown and is elected first female senator of Massachusetts!

Tammy Baldwin wins in Wisconsin. She becomes the first openly gay senator ever!

Millionaires and billionaires will have to help pay down the debt by paying taxes at a fair rate!

And The Losers

The Tea Party lost big! Tea Party candidates who made outrageous claims about rape and God lost big.

Karl Rove lost big! When everyone else had called the presidency for Obama, Rove at Fox News was still doing his sums, arguing a Romney victory in Ohio is possible. As Sam Wang so aptly put it:

Wow. Just wow. (1) Anger, (2) Denial, (3) Bargaining… Read More

Would a Romney/Ryan administration etch-a-sketch ERASE what Obama accomplished?

You bet!

No matter how much flip-flopper Romney may try to convince everyone that he is a moderate now, he will do what Republicans always do; he will govern by focusing on getting reelected, by satisfying the demands of those who put money into his campaign: Big Oil, financial Institutions, corporations, wealthy donors like the Koch brothers, and those who vote for him: the Tea Party.

Another Republican president means that the middle class will wither once again, the rich will get richer and the poor poorer, and the 1% will become the 0.5% and the US no better than a developing country.

That is because, a Romney/Ryan ticket would keep the Bush tax cuts in place, including tax loopholes and subsides for the rich, and of course, cuts in “entitlement” programs for everybody else.

A Republican president will allow powerful [...]

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Watching Fox News with a right-winger


I seem to encounter Republicans a bit more often than I would like to and that although 90% of my friends are Democrats and my salary is nowhere near that of a 1%er.

Today I was at the doctor’s office where they had a TV with the Fox News channel on. I was thinking about asking the receptionist to change the channel, but before I could say anything, this guy (white guy in his forties) blurted out something in reference to the (of course, biased) coverage of Romney’s campaign with images of a bunch of women hugging and giving handshakes to Romney:

“And they say he has no support among women!”

He glanced at me when he said that so I replied: “They had to pay these women to show up”

He let out a sarcastic laugh and replied: “I’m sure they also pay [...]

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Paul Ryan’s pick has energized both sides: two examples


This morning I found in my inbox both at home and at work an email with the title "Mitt Romney for President". I don't subscribe to any Republican sites or message services, so I was surprised. The email was sent at the request of the only Tea Party person I know, let's call her TP.

Your friend, TP, has invited you to be a part of Mitt Romney's 2012 online community.

This effort is not about more rhetoric, it's not about a person, or politicians giving speeches — it is about the cause of restoring American greatness.

TP has committed to this, will you? Take the first step by becoming a member of the team!

While it may not have been the first time she sent me something political, I cannot remember the last time she did. She knows I am a die-hard Democrat. I [...]

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Breaking News: Romney To Choose Paul Ryan As VP Running Mate

In an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd Thursday, Mitt Romney announced that he will choose Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate:

CHUCK TODD: What do you want your running mate to say about you? What do you want your selection to say about what kind of president you’re going to be?

GOV. MITT ROMNEY: I don’t think I have anything for you on the VP running mate. Other than I — I certainly expect to have a person that has a strength of character, a vision for the country that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country. I happen to believe this is a defining election for America, that we’re going to be voting for what kind of America we’re going to have.

Although Romney starts by saying, equivocally, that he doesn't "have anything for you [...]

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Obamacare rebate checks coming to Florida: Republicans say what?

Today I got two insurance letters in the mail. One from my daughter’s Cigna insurance reporting that, because the insurance company spent 74.7% of premium Dollars on health care, which is below the 80% requirement, it will be issuing a rebate of 5.3% of the health care premium. The other letter is from United Healthcare and has similar content but does not specify the amount yet, and anyways, that rebate check goes to the small business that employs me and pays 100% of my health insurance.

What does this mean? It means that people like me, who currently have private insurance, will experience a measurable monetary benefit thanks to the new health care reform law. It also means that owners of small business who care to insure their employees will also have a reason to be more appreciative of the new law.

According to the [...]

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8 Supreme Court justices to decide legality of the Arizona immigration law


Scott Olson / Getty Images

We usually have 9 justices in the Supreme Court, of which 4 are liberal leaning and 5 are conservatives, but one liberal justice, Elena Kagan, has recused herself for this particular case, apparently because she worked on the case in her previous job as Obama's solicitor general.

That makes it 3 liberals and 5 conservatives, which points to the fact that not only do I know my math, but that it is quite clear which side will win because the justices have been interpreting the law along party lines.

So, how much good has the law done Arizona? They have not been able to implement it, but there has been a large exodus of Hispanics who have fled to other states. Arizona officials say that the crime rate is down and the prison population [...]

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