In Mississippi, bible laws forcing the last remaining abortion clinic to close down

Unfortunately, it's buried in the news and few are paying attention, but in this day and age, even with the outcries of conservative religous fanatics, it is surprising that this happens in America: The last and only abortion clinic of an American state is being forced to close its doors.

In Mississippi, the state’s one and only abortion clinic, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is in danger of closing because of a new law requiring that any doctor who does abortions have admitting privileges at a local hospital. This would be less of a problem if the local hospitals were not all terrified of giving privileges to anybody who performs abortions.

I started to express my outrage in so many words and so many ways, but when someone does it better than me, and focuses on the actual tragic consequences of this religious obsession [...]

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Free birth control, how it affected the election and why it makes socio-economic sense

Demanding that insurance cover for contraceptives makes sense to a majority of Americans, with the exception of the religious right who will lose talking points if fewer women experience unwanted pregnancies, and libertarians, who think paying for it will increase the cost of healthcare.

But first, let’s revisit the effect that the contraceptive coverage rule had on the election and Obama’s victory. We know from exit polls that Obama carried the women vote by a margin of 55% to 44%, but for unmarried women the margin was 67% to 31% for Obama. However, the margins were even larger in the 2008 election.

Based on polls that show wide support for the contraceptive law among Democrats (80%) and among Catholic women (62%), the effect of the law seem to be that it attracted back women voters who may have otherwise [...]

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Watching Fox News with a right-winger


I seem to encounter Republicans a bit more often than I would like to and that although 90% of my friends are Democrats and my salary is nowhere near that of a 1%er.

Today I was at the doctor’s office where they had a TV with the Fox News channel on. I was thinking about asking the receptionist to change the channel, but before I could say anything, this guy (white guy in his forties) blurted out something in reference to the (of course, biased) coverage of Romney’s campaign with images of a bunch of women hugging and giving handshakes to Romney:

“And they say he has no support among women!”

He glanced at me when he said that so I replied: “They had to pay these women to show up”

He let out a sarcastic laugh and replied: “I’m sure they also pay [...]

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Friday Riddles, Please Add Your Own

Riddle me this, riddle me that? Andrea Mitchell let T-Paw get away easily, what's up with that?

The day following Tim Pawlenty's speech at the RNC, Andrea Mitchell had him on her show. She asked Tim "is it fair to Blame President Obama for GM's closing?" Tim went off on a talking point tangent, totally dodging the question. Why didn't she ask again? And why did she even phrase the question in that manner? It wasn't only unfair, it was false. GM closed under George W. Bush's watch. Come on lame stream media, do your job!

Riddle me this, riddle me that? Life begins at conception so does a woman carry two votes under her hat?

Ryan, who accepts that Romney would set policy (unless, of course Romney nervously smiled himself to death and then America would be stuck with Ryan) but the GOP is [...]

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First time ever: Brunei, Qatar and Saudi women at the Olympics

Saudi women at the Olympics

I heard about this on NPR a while ago, but today is probably the best day to write about this, celebrate the little step forward in human rights and accompany it with the pictures of the two Saudi women who got the honor to walk at the Olympic opening ceremony representing their country.

The countries of Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are sending female athletes to the Olympics, something they have never done before.

According to NPR, and I had to double check, because in this day and age it is difficult to believe, Saudi Arabia does not allow women and school girls to participate in sports. Women and girls are effectively banned from practicing sports inside the Kingdom because conservative clerics disapprove of it.

I am not going to discuss the backwardness, hypocrisy and systemic gender discrimination that is evident [...]

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There, he said it! Republicans want less regulation except when it comes to women health decisions

I have been waiting for Obama to fight back, to put on those boxing gloves and hit back at all the crazy BS from the right. He never does or in such a subtle fashion that only intellectuals get it. And even today, he didn’t exactly speak to the crazies in the GOP. He should. He should equate GOP with the crazy rightwing Tea Party. Very few people like the Tea Party.

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that about half of all people say that the more they hear about the Tea Party the less they like it. And apart from the Catholic Church with their sex offenders and ancient laws preventing women from becoming priests or using contraception, who else in the US is interested in governing women's bodies and their vaginas? Why the bible people of course, aka, the [...]

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